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MACRO Update – Let’s Get Real Folks!

Okay guys you’ve asked for it so here it is!

In today’s post I’ll be answering the most common questions I’ve received about my IIFYM journey.
I’ll be posting a separate post soon with some of my favorite “macro friendly” foods so be on the look out for that! I’ve found some yummy things!



Who calculated your macros?

Elizabeth aka Poppy Locks. You can find her info HERE. She’s sweet, helpful, and really knows her stuff so I can’t recommend her enough.


What type of workouts are you doing?

I’m currently on week 5 of the 12 week Jamie Eason LiveFit program. I’m to weightlifting and this program has really helped me get over my fear of the scary weight section in my gym. It’s challenging me and I’m doing things I’ve never done before! It’s a free program offered by Body Builder and if you too need a little help getting use to lifting weights I recommend her program!


Are you still counting macros?

I took a 2 week break during the holidays from actually tacking my macros but tried my best to keep a macro balance diet in mind during my break. I have a decent grasp of what I need to eat to be close to my daily macro target. I’m happy to report that I did not gain a thing during the holidays and finished the year out a little lighter! That’s a win in my book! I started back to counting and logging after the new year.


Do you upgrade My Fitness Pal?

I sure did! I was on the fence about upgrading or doing the hack but I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did. I never really have problems with the app and I’m able to get the updates. I hear the opposite from people who did the hack. Maybe try the hack for a month or so. See if you like macro counting. If you do go for the upgrade. The My Fitness Pal hack can be found HERE


How are macros going?

This is a hard question for me and the main reason it’s taken me so long to get this post up. I could do a whole blog post on this question alone.

Humm how are macros going?

Well honestly not so great and great at the same time. I’ve got the whole calculating and weighing thing down that’s the great part! That took me a couple weeks to really figure out and understand but I feel 100% comfortable with it now. Y’all if I can figure it out you can too. I’m awful at math and I’m not just saying that. I’m really really bad at it. So if the whole calculating this is scaring you from giving macros a try don’t let it. Jump in! Give you’re self a couple weeks to figure it out. You’ll surprise yourself. I promise!

The part I’m struggling with is the metal journey. Macro counting goes against everything I know about health and fitness. It goes against everything I did to lose 60 pounds. I goes against the elements of working out that I understood and knew worked.

Here’s the thing……
I did the whole low calorie high cardio thing in the past. It worked. I lost the weight but the trade off was my metabolism. I ate very little and spent hours and hours at the gym. It was not uncommon for me to work out for 3 hours a day. I was completely obsessed with the scale, what I was putting into my body, and how much time I could get in at the gym. It was such a life evolving experience that I was almost scared to do it again. Thinking that I would need to do the same thing lose the baby weight made me want to shut down. I don’t have it in me to live at the gym. I now have 2 small children and even if I wanted to be a gym rat there’s no time for it. I wanted to shake my metabolism and teach it to be more efficient so I wouldn’t have to restrain myself so much. I was hoping to achieve a different body type than what I had when I lost weight in the past. I wanted to be toned! I wanted to be strong!

This is where IIFY macros came in to play. It made sense and I’ve seen so many people achieve wonderful results following the program. It seems liked something I could stick with for the long haul and my body was no longer responding to my calorie restrictions. Something needed to change.

For me macros has been extremely slow moving which is hard when I see people dropping pounds and inches. It’s been a MAJOR mental struggle. Do I stick with it or go back to my comfortable happy place…..clean eating? Honestly I don’t know. I flip flop back and forth what I want to do. I’ve been a clean eater for so long that it’s actually easier for me than the whole flexible eating thing. I pick a protein and a veg and call it a day but it’s that sustainable? I’ll never forget when I 1st started counting macros and bought bread. I stood in the bread aisle lost. What bread is a “good bread”? I haven’t bought bread in YEARS! I’ve since done my research and found a sprouted bread I love!

What I do love about macros is that I can have ice cream from time to time and not worry about throwing off my day. I love that I know exactly how much I’m consuming to a T. It’s a great way to make sure you’re eating a well rounded diet and a good amount of calories. Something I wasn’t doing with clean eating.

BUUUUUT is macro counting a fit for me? Honestly I’m not sure.

This uncertainty leads us the next questions.


Have you lost weight?

I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained. The scale is all over the place. My weight has yet to go past where I stared BUT I’ve yet to hold onto a lower number for very long. I get on the scale and see a drop and think “Finally things are clicking!” then I get back on the scale a few days later and I’m back at square one. I’ve been counting macros since October (with 2 weeks off during the holidays) and since I have a good amount of weight to lose (50lbs) I would hope to see more loss than what I’ve seen. Shoot I’d be tickled with an 8 pound loss. I feel like 8lbs in 3 months at my weight and age is 100% doable but nope I’m not even close to that.

In fact I feel more fluffy than when I started. I swear a stomach and face are bigger although the scale isn’t showing that I’ve gained and Kent keeps assuring me that it isn’t but I feel it ya know?

I really screwed up not taking before photos and measurements. I have the ones you see below but it’s not really a good reading since I’m fully dressed, wearing different clothes, black in one annnnnd in spandex of all things.

We all know the wonders of spandex!

If I had measurements and photos to compare then maybe I would see something that the scale isn’t showing me. Maybe then I would feel more comfortable about it all? What I do see is my postpartum hair loss is growing back. Yipee for that!

Weightloss No Ressults Macros hangingwiththehuies.com


So now what?

Do I have my numbers redone? Do I go back to clean eating? I’ve even thought about having my thyroid checked. I honestly believe in a macro based diet. It makes logical sense and I’ve seen so many amazing results. I’m not so sure that I’m ready to give up but something is not clicking.  As of now I’m still counting my macros and leaning more towards having my numbers redone to see if that shakes things up.

I’ll keep you updated!

UPDATE: Since I typed up this post I’ve chatted with a couple of my macro buddies and have decided to have my numbers redone. I should have my new numbers in a couple days and I’m feeling hopeful that shaking them up a little will help! Fingers crossed!


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  • Michelle Hardesty - You got this!!!!! I bet the new numbers will work. And even if you didn’t take measurements before…take them now. 😉 I have a hard time staying on track and sometimes want to give up. But like you I wholeheartedly believe in it. Listening to Megan and Poppylocks seals the deal! I’m giving it my all this time around. And am so excited to change my relationship with food and see results. We got this!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you Michelle! I sure hope a number change up does the trick! I agree it’s worth the fight. You just have to find your sweet spot!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Beinke - I think since you’re struggling so much it’s a great idea to have your numbers looked at again! Maybe you’ll bust through that plateau and it’ll give you a new outlook. I love IIFYM, but I know all too well how slow it can be sometimes. There have been times it’ll take me 2 weeks to lose half a pound. Good luck! I hope you have the results you’re looking for with your new numbers and it gives you the motivation to push on!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - I sure hope so! I think it’s a great program but it sucks to work at it for 3 months and not see a change ya know. I’m hanging in there though. Hopeful a new set of numbers will be just what I need!ReplyCancel

  • Robyn Orton - Kendra, I hear you on the IIFYM I have been really trying to follow macros with HONEST tracking since Oct and lose and gain the same few lbs back. I decided to use my 2nd set of numbers she gave me and really be honest on my tracking to see how that works because my 3rd set take me down to 157 carbs which I am sure i would lose with but want to try to take advantage of eating the most I can and lose! We all see how it works for others so its HAS to work so hang in there!! I know I don’t want to give up! Lift the weights is what I will tell you…that is the one piece that I have found with eating more is the amount of energy I have and I can just kill my workouts and have gotten so strong!! 195lb squat the other day so the foods are working on that part!! I will be curious to hear if your new macros are much different because I have thought of asking Elizabeth to redo mine but my weight is only a few lbs lighter so would not except much of a change! Good luck and keep us posted!ReplyCancel

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