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Life Update

The last 7 months have been a whirlwind! Every parent says it. I want to be in the Cool Parent Club so I’m going to say it too “It goes by so fast.” Seriously I don’t think you can fully understand exactly how fast until you’re knee deep in babyhood. It’s a blissful, exhausting, dream and I’m loving every second of it!

Yep even the hard times and we’ve had plenty of those with our nugget. The first 6 months were a struggle but I finally started feeling like we hit our sweet spot at 6 months. My son is now 7.5 months old. It’s taken me a month since reaching our “Sweet Spot” to catch up on all that fell to the wayside while we were knee deep in colic, early teething (my 7 month old has 6 teeth), no napping, sleep fighting, must be attached to mommy at all times phase. It was rough but full of precious moments.

Looking back on how hard those 1st 6 months were my eyes fill with tears. It was such a dear time for us. Hard yes but blissfully amazing and full of tons of growth as a mother and person………
Weston forced me to stop even though stopping wasn’t on my to-do list.
He taught me about patience and the power of unconditional love.
He strengthened my bond with my husband and showed me how to love him on a whole new level.
He chipped away at my perfectionism.
He proved that I’m stronger than I thought.
He reminded me to support those who support me and even further strengthen my appreciation for family.
He led me to humor when it was hard to find.
He made me something I so desperately longed to be…..a mommy.
And maybe most importantly he aided in furthering my coffee obsession.  😉

What a sweet amazing soul we’re blessed with. I am grateful for him every day. Seriously I could burst into tears of gratitude at any second. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. It’s a beautiful life, you know and I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude.

What I was Up To While I Was Off: I originally planned to start back at work full time in October but little buddy had other plans in mind. We weren’t quite at our “Sweet Spot” yet. I returned to work to shoot the sessions that were already booked then turned on my closed sign for a few more months. While I was away I jumped into my mommy role! We rested and cuddled….a lot. I blogged and even vlogged quite a bit on our person blog. We went on our annual trip to Arkansas. Our 1st family trip! We celebrated holidays! We found our groove. My passion for photography grew into something new. I now had my own precious family moments I wanted to freeze. I tried to put down the camera phone and pick up my DSLR more often for personal use. It was refreshing actually! I got crafty and worked on our 2014 family Project Life album, put together a birth book for Weston, and started his 1st year album! Even though I wasn’t working, photography was still a huge part of my every day. That’s when you know you’ve choose the right career path.

My Plans for Kendra Pryor Photography: It was a nice break to say the least but I sure did miss my work. Last week I turned off my maternity leave auto responder. Which is kind of like turning on my open sign! While I am back to shooting things will be a little different as I am a mommy 1st and my family is my top priority.

What’s New: I will be enforcing days off without feeling guilty or feeling that I have to hide what I’m up to.  I deserve time off with my family and I shouldn’t feel like I should enjoy my days off in hiding, in fear that my clients will see that I’m editing my own photos or doing other things outside of work. We all deserve time off even photographers. Surprisingly we actually work crazy long hours. There is more to a session then just the shoot itself.

I will be limiting the number of sessions I take on each month. This is for 4 reasons.
1. My time is precious and I now need to split my day between work and family.
2. I want to have more time to tailor your experience with Kendra Pryor Photography. I was busy in the past…crazy busy which is a blessing but I often found it hard to keep up. There were many 14 hour work days, long stretches without having a day off, and missed family events. I was like a little duck calm on the surface but paddling like mad below the water. I did it to myself but it was stressful.  By taking on a smaller amount of sessions each month I’ll be more available and hope that I can create a blissful tailored experience for you and your family.
3. I want to start shooting styled shoots! This has always been a passion of mine but in the past my work load just wouldn’t allow it. I’ll be starting these in late spring and will be looking for models on occasion so be on the lookout for model calls!
4. The photo blog! This poor thing gets neglected majorly! I have so many beautiful sessions to share with you and few projects I want to blog about as well. I now have “photo blog” time slots in my schedule!

Sooooo there are a few things chaining. Nothing too crazy and most changes will benefit my clients! For those who are not fans of change don’t fret. It’s for the best, I promise! I’m excited about this new season and can’t wait to see where it takes my business.  I’m currently booked up for April, May, and July but have availability in June and the summer months! Excited about being back in swing of things! Now onto the photos!

Just a little glimpse at what we’ve been up to the last few months. If you would like to see more of our day in day out photos let me know in your comment!  I would love to share but not sure if that’s something you would like to see here.





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