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Let’s Play Catch Up

Hi guys!
Things have been  a little quiet around here so I thought a round of catch up was in order! Here’s what we’ve been up to last couple of months……..

1st family trip to the Dallas Farmer’s market!

                                2014-04-12 04.20.32 12014-04-12 04.30.53 1


TX is crazy hot in the summer so we try to do as much as we can outdoors before the heat rolls in! Lots of family walks, backyard lounging, exploring, and outdoor dining! Some of our favorite things thing to do! Yet another reason why we need to move. Kent and I hate yes that’s a strong word but we literally hate TX summers. We won’t be moving anytime soon but we’re starting to think on it. Maybe before Weston starts school!?! Fingers crossed!


These 2 are still best buds!

2014-04-29 05.14.23 1


Clothing diapering is still going well! In fact I love it and am so happy we decided to cloth diaper. Once Weston moved into the one size diapers I tried several different brands and systems until I found something that worked for us. We found our sweet spot and have been working on building a stash!

2014-05-19 09.54.51 1

I shot Weston’s 6 month pictures which were more like his 6.5 month photos. He did awesome and totally made up for his newborn session.

Family photos on the other hand. Well that’s a different story…….

With the help of the tripod and a shutter release remote we tried to sneak in a few family photos as well. Yeahhhh that wasn’t happening. This was seriously the best of the bunch. Crying baby, my massive hair, Kent’s growing a foot out of his arm. But hey the light was pretty, Kent looks good, and you can see my cute shoes.  Framer for sure eh?


The best shot we got (obviously not the best quality) was a selfie we snapped with our phone as we we were getting into the car.

2014-03-29 08.38.13 1

Weston had his 1st official baby play date.
He’s little buddy gives back scratches and daintily picks ears. I’d say this friend is a keeper!

2014-05-03 08.47.59 1

This also happened during their pay date.


Weston’s is crawling, pulling up on anything he can grab onto, standing on his own for a few seconds and just generally into EVERYTHING. He’s learning what NO means real fast. He knows he’s not supposed to be playing with the cords (in the photo below). He crawled over to them grabbed them then smiled at me waiting for my “Weston no!” I have a feeling this one is going to be trouble! Cute trouble though.

2014-06-09 09.52.10 1

2014-05-28 04.29.01 1


I went to a concert with my best friend. It was good for my soul. Kent and I love going to intimate concerts but stopped going when I was pregnant. When you’re knee deep in mommy bliss you forget some of the things that made your heart happy before baby. This is one I definitely need to pick back up!

2014-05-14 09.12.14 1


I’m back at it!  Weston’s was born in late September. I came back to shoot a few fall sessions in November then went back on maternity leave until last month! It was a nice and much needed break! I’m booked through September. Thankfully I’ve been able to slide back in where I left off!

                                2014-05-12 02.57.21 12014-04-25 04.14.20 1

We’ve been enjoying our family life! Seriously why did we wait so long to have kiddos. Yes it’s hard at times but the hard time don’t even touch the amount of joy these precious peas bring into your life. I can’t wait to have my arms full of babies. If Kent would let me I would totally try to give Michelle Duggar a run for her money! Don’t think that’s going to be happening though.

2014-05-21 08.09.25 1


We also have some exciting news to share!
(no I’m not pregnant)

We’re often asked about the little drool bibs Weston wears. I mean come on aren’t they adorable? There’s been so much interest in them we’ve decided to make them available to others who might like to get their hands on them. We’ll be sailing “Droolzies” very soon! Hopefully by this Friday 6/13! 

Since this is something new we’re rolling out our 1st sale via Instagram. If you’re on Instagram be sure to like our “Droolzies” page so you can get your hands on some of this cuteness. 

            2014-05-23 04.40.13 12014-05-25 04.29.11 1

2014-06-03 05.39.59 1

2014-05-01 04.40.32 1


Annnnnnd one more little announcement!
(no I’m not pregnant)  
I’m kicking off a blog challenge….starting today!


Y’all I have no idea how I blogged almost daily during my last challenge. That was during some of our hardest days with Weston. We survived and it’s all good but my goodness that was hard. It wasn’t until he hit 6 months that I felt like I could see straight.  I think the post during that challenge were honest and definitely showed what we were going through during that time!

I really enjoy blogging on a more regular basis. So I thought why not run another challenge to get myself back into the swing of things. During the remainder of June I’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I even have a few blog buddies joining the challenge. Once I know their blog schedules I’ll share links with you so you can check them out!

Thanks for catching up with us! I’ll see y’all back here on Wednesday! If you have anything you would like me to blog or vlog about let me know! I have a few post scheduled and ready to go but I would love some of your input!

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