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Let’s Have a Chat

Hey there!

I’ve missed you!
Is it okay if I give you a hug? I’m a hugger!

I’m so glad you came by!

Come have a seat.
I’ll get you a slice of pumpkin bread. I just pulled it out of the oven mmmmmm.
I’m so ready for fall aren’t you?
It’s the best!
Now if only Texas would get the fall weather memo a little sooner.

Are you ready for that cup of coffee?
Really it’s no trouble.
We have a lot to chat about so you’re going to want something to wet your whistle.

Here you go…..
just like you like. Be careful it’s hot!

Now let’s catch up shall we.

Did you make it to the end?
I shocked myself with how long I chatted away this time.

Y’all I even cut some of it out
I know, shocking!

I’m so pumped to get back to vlogging/blogging on a more regular basis.
I’ve missed it over the summer.
As we’re settling into a new schedule with Weston starting school I hope to get back into a regular posting schedule.

In fact…..

I’m taking 1 school day a week to hull up in a coffee shop so I can work on all these blog post and vlogs I want to crank out.

So many fun ideas planned for the remainder of the year as well as next year.

I sure hope you’re subscribed so you can follow along!

See ya next week!



  • Brandi Golemon - I just love you!!! You always make me smile. Thanks for the update.ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Hahah, you crack me up! You should do more out takes at the end!

    I’m so excited for you for Weston’s preschool. It’s so challenging to find a good place that meets needs and fits in the budget. You’ve made me want to start looking for a new place for Cora just so I can get that “mother goose” feeling.

    Looking forward to more blogs and vlogs!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Oh my how I have missed you! You are the cutest ever! Happy birthday Weston. Weston and Ava (my granddaughter) share the same birthday and will be three this Saturday. We are doing a family party on Sunday. Ava is going to preschool 5 days this fall. She is just so busy and this way we all can spend one on one time with out grandson Dylan (5 months) while Ava is in preschool. Busy, busy as usual!ReplyCancel

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