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We recorded a vlog last weekend!

We randomly take videos of things but this is our 1st actual vlog that I had to piece together clips and edit. It was definitely a learning experience as I’m sure you’ll notice.  Something happened with the music during the tree decorating part buuuut it was still fun and I had a good time trying to figure out what the what I was doing!



What a little gem for us to look back on with all sweet baby words and the peanut butter………oh the peanut butter!

Hoping to do random vlogging like this more often!

For those who like pictures here are a few from our weekend!

These boys melt me! I live for the weekends when we have full days to be together as a family! It’s good for my mama heart!


Our tree all decorated and looking pretty!
Christmas trees are magical I tell ya!
I’ll have a holiday home décor post with better quality photos coming up soon!

2014-12-11 03.41.41 3

Sunday night I set up for a little baby/mama craft thingy I was having on Monday.
Nothing fancy just a couple of mama friends and their sweet peas. I love that they came over at 8am! Only mom’s would be cool with packing up babies and crafting at 8 in the morning. It was the only time we could work around everyone’s nap schedules. It was fun. The babies got play together. The mom’s sipped coffee then we crafted a couple Christmas ornaments with the littles. They that turned out pretty cute! I have a photo of them on our IG page if you want to check them out.


I’ll have a few fun post coming up next week. Hope to see ya back here!

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