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It’s Been Fun – Bloguary Day 15

Man these 4am wake up calls are good for the blog!
Next year it looks like all I need to do is set my alarm for 4am then I’ll totally nail Bloguary!

I didn’t do great with my Bloguary goal this year but I did okay and due to the little change in plans for our family I think it’s okay that I slacked towards the end.

Seeing how it’s the last day of the month I thought we could end Bloguary with a little round up of some of my faves from the month; favorite photos, favorite post, things of that nature!

I’ll include a full Bloguary link listing at the bottom of this post just in case you missed a few post and want to check them out.

This is hands down my favorite photo that was shared during Bloguary! I can’t help but look at it and big fat cheesy smile. It’s from the post “Documenting Family”

IMG_0017 copy


I enjoyed putting together our Christmas Post! It’s full precious photos from Christmas morning and time with family. My favorites are the photos of my dad playing with Weston but this Santa photo heheheh totally needs a mention too! I can’t believe next year we’ll have 2 little boys sitting on Santa’s lap! 



Carson’s Nursery Plans post was not too exciting but I really enjoyed typing all the plans out and I’ve LOVED having this style board to reference while I’ve been shopping and gathering things for his nursery. I’ve pulled it up on my phone several times and held fabric or rugs up to it. It’s really helped make a few decisions I’ve been stuck on.

It’s time for a mini nursery design update because we now have the crib, his crib bumper, crib sheets, the glider (same as below) has been ordered. I went to order the AWESOME tree stump end table and it’s SOLD OUT. Sold out big time as in I spent hours trying to find another distributor and everyone that carries it is sold out. Made me so mad! I think it totally pulls the look of the room together and I’ve yet to find another one I like as much as this one. Besides the print you see below I’ve purchased a couple of additional prints for his wall, thrifted a few frames, and an awesome wooden mini log cabin kit that I have plans for! We’ve painted his chalkboard wall eeek!  Still looking for just the right rug. The rug hunt is going to take some time.

Carson's Nurserywm

All very exciting! Oh how I love to decorate nurseries. I love to decorate in general but there’s something about pulling a nursery together that really puts a smile in my heart.

For now everything is all kind of messily piled in his room but once things start to come together I’ll do an update post and share a few photos of the progress!

My favorite post from Bloguary has to be the Day in the Life post. I really need to do these more often. There’s just something so special about capturing life. Nothing fancy just us hanging at home doing what we typically do. I tried to not get hung up on exposure, lighting, and messes around the house. I wanted to just shoot what was real in the moment.

IMG_0454-3 copy

Oh and boy did I capture Weston and his “Mama hold me phase” It was a massive melt down day and honestly that’s typical for us in this season with our 16.5 month old. He would be happy if he could be attached to my hip most hours of the day. I know I’ll enjoy having this one to look back on.

I have a few photographer friends that have challenged themselves to do a Day in the Life series once a month. I may join in. That sounds totally doable.

My favorite vlogs that were shared were………..


Mainly because I got a lot of interaction on this one and it was fun to chat with you about your thoughts and hear some of your stories. I always love interaction with you!  I was worried to share this one. I totally thought I was going to get ripped a new one but y’all were kind to me!


One the many thrift store hauls. I have 2 more I have yet to share buuuuut this one was a good one! I found a new thrift store and totally hit the jackpot!


And the post that took the most time to create was………


My cloth diaper post! Between shooting and editing the photos, filming and editing the Q&A part as well as creating the post itself. This one was a doozy but I’m glad I finally got it all together! If you missed this one and are curious about Cloth Diapering be sure to check it out!


IMG_0770 copy

You have 2 more days to enter the wet bag giveway! I pick an winner on Monday. Only a small handful have entered so far so your odds are looking good. All info on how to enter is listed on the corresponding cloth Diaper post!

Bloguary 2015-1


Thank you so much to those who have followed along during Bloguary this year! Whether you interacted, commented, or just blog stalked I’m glad that you stopped by! I hope to do it again next year but we shall see how things paly out!

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