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It Was A Good Year……..

Weston played in the snow for the 1st time…..
from our home….
in Texas….
I know shocking!

Obviously being Texans we weren’t prepared for this blanket of white fluffy stuff.
Cowboy boots acted as snow boots and double layers of socks became mittens!
It worked!



Weston’s love for all things that fall under the vehicle category continued to grow.

Trucks, trains, tractors, cars, boats and planes he loves them all!
We’ve tried to broaden his horizons but it always comes back to his main loves and so our home is filled with things that go!

Who would have thought being a mama would also bring on my new knowledge of things like backhoes, loaders, and combines. I can even tell you what they’re used for.
Oh yes I’m tootin’ my own horn because come on that’s pretty impressive!


IMG_2063 IMG_2034

While Weston’s love for vehicles continued to grow
The baby bump continued to grow as well!

It grew……..

annnnnnnd grew until the end of April………


when we were blessed with our new little pork chop!
Carson James Huie
AKA Carsie
AKA Carsie-Bear
AKA Baby Brother

Oh and let me tell you meeting Carson for the 1st time was just a magical as the 1st time I laid eyes on Weston.
Pure joy dipped in unmeasurable love.

DSC_4590 - Copy



Carson surprised us with a head FULL of hair!
We always wondered if we would have a curly haired baby and Carson is the winner of the Pryor curls!
I’m not sure what he’s going to think about them when he’s older but for now I think they’re pretty stinking precious!


IMG_5213 web

Oh this new little love of ours.

He has a smile that will melt you, rolls that I can’t help but to kiss, and chubby hands that I find myself gazing at. He has hand dimples guys!

While having 2 under 2 isn’t the easiest season of life I feel like we have the best of both!
A toddler that’s full of endless amounts of energy and sillyness. He keeps up laughing and on our toes.
A yummy baby that wants to be held and rocked and isn’t yet able to run away from our kisses and cuddles.

It’s busy sometimes crazy but it’s fun.

Yep 2015 was the year of sweetness and silliness…..
and sleep deprivation
and piles of laundry
and moments where we just had to laugh to keep our sanity.


In the beginning of August Kent turned the big 40!
Pretty big deal huh?
He’s blessed with great genes and a baby face.
Most people are shocked when they find out how old he is. I on the other hand am jealous.
He gets a gray hair and it looks good like honestly good.
Kenty-Poo (my nick name for him) is like a fine wine my friends!

Shortly after Carson was born I joined the minivan mom club!

“Our New Van” To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

I’ve never been so excited about a car before.
The space, the sliding doors, the trunk (to name a few).
With 2 boys, a dog who think he’s our 3rd son and being lovers of road trips we knew a van would be a great fit for us!


In August we broke in the new van with a road trip to Colorado (see the mountains outside the window)!
This was our 3rd annual trip to the Colorado mountains.

Brady (our dog) runs free, Weston gets to explore to his hearts content, and Kent and I enjoy the scenery and family focused time.
We always have such a wonderful time and look forward to our trip to the mountains through out the year!



Side Note: There will be a Colorado blog post coming up during Bloguary full of photos, vlogs, and cabin info from our last trip! Just a little heads up as we’ve received a few comments from folks asking where last year’s CO post was. It’s coming soon!

In September we celebrated Weston’s 2nd birthday!

Weston’s personality continued to skyrocket this year along with his love for the fine art of chit-chatting.
He starts talking the second he wakes up and doesn’t stop until his eyes force themselves shut in the evening.
Oh but our conversations with him are so fun.
The things he says.
The way his brains works
It’s been a big year for him full of growth and learning.Kent and I have enjoyed sitting back and watching him bloom.

“Weston Turns 2” To watch directly via YouTube click HERE


As a photographer fall is our high season but this year I took on a lighter load knowing that it would be hard to manage a full shooting schedule along with the 2 boys.
It was such a good decision because it opened up weekends for me to get out and enjoy my favorite season with my favorite people!

We visited a pumpkin patch.
Went on a tractor ride.
Ate all things pumpkin.
AKA did all things fall and cheesy which filled my fall loving heart with joy!

IMG_6608 copy 3 IMG_6667 copy 3

We rounded out fall with a last minute road trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma!

Ya know road trip lovers and all!

It was a quick weekend trip but we were able to sneak in a couple hikes, some fishing, and even a date night thanks to my Mother-in-Law who joined us on our trip!

IMG_7572 copy

IMG_7821 copy

Before we knew it Halloween was here and it was time to find the perfect costumes for the boys!
Carson rocked his Elvis costume. He just HAD to be Elvis with that all that dark brown hair.


Weston was a construction guy Which fit in line with his love for construction vehicles.
This was his 1st year to really grasp how awesome trick-or-treating is.
A bucket full of candy!?!
What’s not to love about that!

IMG_7277 copy


“The Boys Go Trick-Or-Treating”

To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

And in a blink Santa came for a visit and the boys were knee deep in new toys!
If you missed our Christmas Round Up post you can find it  HERE


IMG_0288 copy

It was a amazing year!
Full of growth, challenges, and whole lotta love!

Last year one of my resolutions was to pick my camera up more.
I got in a rut of only using my camera for work and missed out on documenting my own family.
The photos you’ve seen in this post were from that resolution!
I definitely did better but not awesome.

Here’s to another year of picking that camera up and documenting the sweet and simple moments that make life grand!

BloguaryI’ll see you back here tomorrow for Bloguary day 3!
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  • Debbie - Hi Kendra. Love your blog and your adorable family. How funny that Carsie’s birthday is in April. My granddaughter Ava turned 2 on Weston’s birthday and her new baby brother is due April,13, 2016.ReplyCancel

    • tofu875 - Hi Debbie!
      That is too funny! April was a great time to have a baby! I was able to take him for walks before it got too hot out and when it did it was nice to not have to worry about him getting cold. I kept him in nothing but onsies for his first few months of life.

      Thank you so much for you sweet words about our blog!ReplyCancel

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