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Are Blogs Dead

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This is a question that has found its way to me multiple times over the last few months.
I stop and listen to what the person has to say about the topic but never take the time to form my own thoughts on the idea of blogging possibly being dead.

Until recently…….

I was scrolling away on Instagram and came across a post from a blogger sharing that she had recently posted to her blog.

I’ve been reading her blog for a very long time (I’ve been blogging for 8 years and have read her blog for almost as long) and hadn’t noticed a post from her in a while so I headed over to her blog to catch up on what I’ve missed.

Reading her blog brought me so much joy!

I loved seeing her kids, what she’s been up to, and just catching up.
No sponsored post, no product pushing, no flashing adds.

It was just her and her thoughts.

I found it so very refreshing from what I typically see on blogs these days which got me thinking…….

Is blogging really dead?

Am I the only one that enjoys reading blogs that are not pushed by advertisements or pop up adds?

Is it just me that still enjoys reading words from the blogger. Words that they want to share. Not just a post tailored to make a sponsor happy.

Do others not get tired of seeing perfectly curated moments styled to perfection hoping for pin gold?

Does anyone else miss the realness that blogging used to hold? Just a blogger and their thoughts.

Am I the only weirdo that thinks old school blogging is still wonderful and has its place?

Reading Andrea’s blog brought me back to the good old days.
The days when I used to curl up with my lap top and binge read all my favorite blogs!
Post full of the mundane and I loved every second of it.

Blogging back then was fun, simple, real.

Andrea’s blog made me realize just how much I miss that.

I’ve turned down advertisers and sponsored post mainly because…….I can.
Blogging at this time does not need to be a source of income for our family.
It’s purely passion driven and I’m grateful that we’re in a place where I’m able to do that.
I’ve experienced 1st hand what can happen when you attach money and deadlines to a creative outlet and I’m just not in a place where I’m ready to share this space with those two things.

So again is blogging dead?

In my little blogging bubble it’s not.
In fact it very much alive but blogging has definitely changed.

I now look to blogs for recipes and DIYs.
As we all know those Pinterest worthy post are awesome and very helpful I just miss the mixture of the two.

I jumped on Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie) yesterday and asked people to snap back with their thoughts on blogging.
It was a hot topic which both surprised me and made me SUPER happy!

People still cared!

They miss the way they blogs used to be.
They love the pretty Pinterest post (as do I) but they wish there was realness mixed in along with the pretty.
They miss the connection they used to get with old school bloggers.
Several people said that they hope to start their own blogs which was awesome to hear!
Yes friends no matter that “They” say blogging lives on!

It felt nice to know that I’m not the only one that misses blogging the way it used to be.
It made my heart happy to see that people still enjoy the type of post that I or Andrea publish. Just us blogging about whatever tickles our fancy.

Those are the type of post I enjoy creating!
Those are the type of post I enjoy reading!
Those are the blogs I go back and visit often!

During my Snap Chat convos yesterday people asked me to share my most favorite blogs.
The ones that blog some of the mundane along with the pretty.
So I put together a list of my tip-top favorites blogs which I’ll share at the bottom of this post!
Most of them are pretty popular but hopefully you’ll find a few that are new to you to help fill that love so many of us have for simple “Old School Blogging”.


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on blogging!
Do you think blogging is dead?
Have you noticed a shift?
Let’s chat in the comment section and be sure to share if you have a favorite “old school blog”!


My Favorite Blogs:

The Day Book
Under The Sycamore
A & J and Co
Kelly’s Korner
The Masseys Spot
Enjoy the Small Things
Skinny Meg


Blogs That Snap Chat Buddies Suggested:

Mixed Matched Family
The Small Things Blog
71 Toes
Hello Hue
Annnd of course because my Snap Chat buds are awesome they said I’m their favorite blogger bwahahah!



  • Macey - I have to say I am not a huge blog reader ( I do read a few, yours included). However when I stumble upon them occasionally I hate when they are full of ads. It is disheartening to see perfect homes and perfect lives. So I prefer blogs that keep it real and relatable, like yours.ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Hi Macey,

      This while blogging world has definitely changed. I think it’s awesome what it’s done for some bloggers but I do wish more of the old school bloggers stuck around. I still get a ton of joy out of this little place of ours and I’m grateful that people still read even though I keep it “old school” over here!ReplyCancel

  • Haley M. - What killed blog reading for me wasn’t the ads, but the loss of Google Reader. I used to follow a TON of bloggers, because I could so easily manage my list of people. Every morning I would scroll through the updates, read the posts I wanted, skim the others. When GR was killed off, I’ve never found anything that has measured up to it. And I have tried! Now I mostly keep track of people via twitter–when they post a link, I read it from there. There’s a few I will actively seek out on a weekly basis, but otherwise, I just don’t have time.
    Because I write my own blog, I do try to stay up on those in my own genre (books), so I can comment and keep touch with those in my community. I need to be better about it, there just isn’t an “easy” way to do it.
    How do you stay up on so many blogs?ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Yeah that was crapy when they killed GR.

      I use Bloglovin now. When I want to catch up on blogs I just hop on there and see what I’ve missed. It’s kind of the same idea as Google reader. I always click the view original post option verses reading through the app and it openes up their blog.

      I think there’s several factors that came into play with the crash of old schol blogs…Pinterest, Social Media as well as sponsored post. It just changed the way people thought about the content they put out and the way some view blogs buuuuut I still really really enjoy good old simple blogging! Even through it’s not on the up and up I’m still trucking right along! We have a pretty great community here!ReplyCancel

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