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I’M Tired Love THE Rambler – Bloguary Day 5



Hey there friends!

Didn’t want to bail out on today’s post so you’re getting a random ramble post. You’re welcomeWinking smileIt’s bound to happen a few times during Bloguary.

Today’s post was supposed to be about new traditions we started this year. We added few new ones but I never got around to shooting the photos I wanted to include in the post. Sooooo maybe tomorrow! I have hope! 

I’m typing this at 6pm on Tuesday evening and I could literally go to sleep right this second but I have this sweet little love aka Weston that needs his mama’s attention. Let me tell ya being pregnant with a 15 month old is not always easy. He’s been at my Mother-in-law’s today though so I can’t really use the old “I’ve been chasing a toddler around all day” excuse.

I’m currently 24 weeks and 3 days preggers. Am I entering the “I’m so tired” phase again? Didn’t think that came back until the 3rd trimester but goodness the last 5 days I’m worth nothing once 6pm rolls around.

That means we’re eating cereal for dinner. Sorry Kent I planned on cooking dinner really I did (turkey steaks with caramelized onions served with roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower mash). Do I get wife points for at least planning a meal? No? How about for growing a baby? Yes! Ok good!

My mother-in-law who I love dearly cut Weston’s hair this week without asking and jacked it up.  I was letting it grow out so I can have it styled in a certain cut. Months I’ve been letting it grow out. He now looks like a nerd that got a bad haircut. A cute nerd of course! His appointment is Wednesday (today). We were so close to making it but now it will be an “Umm can you fix this?” appointment. Can’t be mad at her for it because she’s an angel and I don’t know what we would do without her! She was just trying to be helpful but I did almost cry at the dinner table when I noticed it. She may be going back to China for a couple months. I’m sure I’ll cry when that day comes too! Not only is she a massive help she adds a lot of fun to our little family unit! You got to check out her hoolahoop photo on my IG account! I can only hope I’m as active and fun loving at her age!

ABM_1419879038Scene of the crime. Took selfi in a bathroom after clearing my plate still being hungry and ordering a side of toast.

The last 2 weeks it’s taken everything in me to not eat massive amounts of food which I did some days. No matter what or how much I ate I was always hungry. It was actually kind of embarrassing when eating with others. “ No no no Kendra you do not need a 3rd sandwich! Just drink some water. Try some veggies and hummus. Put that 5th sandwich down!” That was me talking to myself in case you didn’t get that.

Thankfully my linebacker appetite has subsided but now I’m freaking tried……reallllll tired! Guess my body needs to rest after consuming all those calories! Eating can be hard work! Kent and I joke on my “tired days” that I must be growing a leg. Well we’re going on day 5 of massive tiredness so let’s hope our little Carson isn’t growing his 5th leg. If you do Carson mama will still love you.

On eating a lot and being pregnant……..
I blew up with Weston. Gained 50lbs maybe more but I’m trying not to remember!

I did also grew a 9lb baby but everything else was all me. I struggled with losing weight majorly after I had him. I’m not one of the blessed that drops weight when breast feeding. Nope, my body hung onto every single ounce of fat it could. It wasn’t until we stopped breast feeding, my cycle had a couple normal months, and I hit the 9 month postpartum mark that I started to lose weight. Dropped 15lbs in a month then I got preggers with Carson. Carson if you’re reading this you were planned so don’t freak out! We just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I still had a good 20lbs to lose when I got pregnant. I’ve been a little stressed out getting pregnant with this much extra weight on me fearing that I will blow up again……knowing how hard it is to lose those baby weight.

I’m trying to keep it in check. So far so good. I’ve gained 11lbs at this point. I’m okay with that. Although I’m sure I did some damage during those weeks appetite explosion. I’m kind of scared to get on the scale.

And well friends that concludes today’s “I’m too tried to post a typical blog so I’ll chat about random stuff post.” Hope you enjoyed!

Ps…..Let me apologize for the massive amounts of typos and grammar errors that I’m sure this post it laced with. I’m going to go back over it but I know I will miss some. Ya know tired, growing a baby, chasing a toddler and all.Winking smile 

If stuff like that gets under your skin oh sister or bother this is not the blog for you.

Love ya,

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