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I Love a Big Bald Baby Head – Frico TX, Family Photographer

Oh sweet Campbell so many thing I love about this chunky monkey!

  1. His perfectly precious round bald head which is no longer bald. Yes I’m SUPER behind on my session post.

2. His little teether coming in! Do you see it? It’s adorable right?

3. His big ol’ smile! This little stinker has a smile that will make your cheeks hurt. Oh man and when he flashes it, it goes allllll the way up to his eyes.

4. His pretty baby blues!

5. And of course his debonair style!


 Okay that’s enough gushing over Mr Cuteness.

Let’s move onto his mama!

Isn’t she stunning? Not only is she pretty she has a beautiful heart to match.

Pretty hearts are my favorite type to photograph!


And these 3 together well they’re like a ice cream sundae……so sweet you just want to eat em up!

Buuuuut I’m a health nut so I won’t do that! Unless it’s a brownie fudge sundae and you catch me at a weak moment. 😉






Back to Campbell for just a quick sec…….LOOK at those chubby little fingers!

Oh the love between these 3! You can see it right? I know I sure can!

Stay tuned for more from this family! Since this shoot I’ve taken Campbell’s 1st year photos where he shared some exciting news annnnd he did a little model work for my Valentine’s promo shoot! To see those photos click HERE





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