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I Like Big Trucks and I Can Not Lie

Time for another edition of “Pick That Camera Up”

We had brunch at a really cute restaurant in a historic district not too far from us (downtown McKinney for those reading who are local). 

I typically wouldn’t take my camera to something like this. We had plans to walk the square after we ate and old Kendra wouldn’t be too excited about lugging the camera around buuuuuut with the whole New Year’s resolution and all I decided to bring it along.

As I’ve said in my other “Pick That Camera Up” post I’m so happy I decided to grab it. I would have missed these shots which I think are stinking precious and really showcase Weston’s silly personality.

Pure bliss captured in these photos!
Weston is obsessed with big trucks, construction vehicles, farm equipment.
If it’s big and has wheels he’s all about it! 

IMG_2063 copy

IMG_2026 copy

IMG_2046 copy

IMG_2034 copy

These sure do make me simile and so does our little nut!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!
Kent has Good Friday off so we’re headed to the zoo with one of Weston’s little buddies.
I’m pretty sure I’m more excited than he is but I know he’s going to have a blast.
He was tiny the last time we went (see here) so I can’t wait to see his reaction to all the animals.

This will be out last family of 3 adventure so it’s a little bitter sweet.

Yes I’ll be lugging my big camera along. I have a feeling there will be tons of precious photo opts.

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