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I DID IT!!!!

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I know some of you especially those who have more than one kiddo are going to read this post and laugh. Not a hahah Kendra is so funny laugh but more of a hahahah girl plllleeeeease I was on my own with 10 kids 1 day after I popped out #10 type of laugh.

I get it and you have my permission to laugh away.

Shoot you can even throw in a few knee slaps if you like.

Buuuut while you’re laughing I’m running victory laps around my house screaming………

“I SURVIVED! I SURVIED!” while throwing cups of coffee over my head.

Last week was my 1st week alone with both my boys.

Well besides the hubby he’s great help when he’s home but I’m talking the wee early hours of the morning throughout the day, outings, naps (if I’m lucky), getting everyone dressed, buckled in the car, meals, until their sweet little heads hit their beds type of day.

Y’all know my mother-in-law is our rock. Without her I’m afraid to think what things would be like in the Huie house. While Carson was in the thick of his Colic she was the one that jumped in and scooped Weston up so I could bunker down with Caron during the day. Kent would pick Weston up on his way home from work. We would divide and conquer then pressed repeat for the next day.

It’s full on moment to moment survival mode when you have a baby with colic and I’m not exaggerating or joking in the slightest.

I’ve known for a month or so that my Mother-in-law would not be able to watch Weston in July. I was afraid but excited to be throw to the wolves. Would I sink or float?

2015-07-12 09.16.33 1

About a week ago I started to notice some changes in Carson. His crying bouts were not lasting as long. He was happier. It was like a thick dark cloud was slowing dissipating little by little. I was afraid to say that we had beat colic. I fell into that trap already and was quickly reminded that the colic was in control. So I waited, watched, and counted the days that I noticed more and more positive changes. I got up to 7 days and decided it was safe to say that we may have beat colic.

We’re now on day 12 and things are still going well. He’s still a crummy sleeper and likes to be held 24/7 but that’s more him than the colic at this point. He’s happy like real happy. In fact I’ve been calling him my Sunshine Bear. If he gets upset it’s because he’s tired or needs something. Ya know typical baby stuff.

Can we talk about perfect timing?

If Carson’s colic hung around any longer I would have been juggling and active toddler and a colicky baby all on my own eeek! Doable if I had to but this post would definitely have a different vibe.

2015-07-12 09.15.43 1I have since realized that I had the car seat adapter on wrong. Whoops live and learn friends.  

So I’m here 7 days out and ready to start my 2nd week solo with my nuggets.

Last week was great! It’s wasn’t easy that’s for sure. I’m ready to pass out by 6:00 and I’m lucky to get a full meal in my belly but it was nice, just me and my boys. We left the house every day. I broke in my new double stroller which I love btw. The melt downs were minor and I even worked out (once but hey it’s a step in the right direction).

It felt good to manage them both on my own. Empowering as a mama! Lots of “I go this” and “Wow that wasn’t so bad” moments.

We’re starting to crawl out of the colic cave and it feels so very good! I push the world out while we’re knee deep in colic. It’s not a pretty time and I don’t want to bring others into it. The only way anyone is getting in is if they force themselves.

Now that we’re passed that and I know I can survive managing the 2 on my own play dates have been planned and outing are scheduled. I’m picking back up with Weston’s tot school. I’m getting caught up on house stuff and I have an itch ok more of a strong pull to start working out again.

I feel a little glimpse of myself creeping back in and I think that’s worth all the victory laps, high fives, and copious amounts of coffee I can get!

Yay me!




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