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How I’m Doing “Clean Eating”


I love when you guys reach out and connect either by commenting or shooting me an email!
I get to connect with you on a more personal level and often you inspire me!

Today’s post is all because of a email I received from a reader.
She asked some great questions that I thought may be helpful to others.
I asked her if I could share her email with you and she kindly agreed!

Julianne thank you for reaching out, for your sweet email, and for being willing to let me turn your email into a blog post!

Below is Julianne’s email………..

Hey Kendra!

 I’ve been following you for a while on your blog and through periscope and Instagram. I just had a question about you going back to clean eating. I tried macros as well and it just didn’t seem as if it worked well for me and my lifestyle.

With that being said, I was wondering how you use clean eating as a diet? How do you know how much to eat? Do you snack?

Sorry if you have answered these questions before, but I have looked around your blog and Instagram and can’t seem to find it!

Also, not to sound like a stalker, but I love you and think you have the cutest family. I actually caught myself saying well Kendra said, the other day, like I actually know you lol!


How cute is she, right?!?
Y’all don’t even know how happy these emails make me!
I’m going to breakdown Julianne’s questions and answer each one in today’s post.


“I was wondering how you use clean eating as a diet?”

So with my last go around at this whole weight loss thing I lost all my weight by clean eating and working out.
There was no tracking no weighing no measuring no pills or potions.

I LOVED that I could just eat freely and not worry about keeping tabs on my food.

Now I say “freely” but I don’t necessarily mean in the willy-nilly form but “freely” in more of a I didn’t have to worry about tracking or weighing my food.

I fueled my body with things that were whole, natural, and good for my body, while making sure I was keeping portions in mind.

I “freely” ate whole healthy foods until I was full.
Lean meats, tons of veggies, complex carbs, and fruit.
I stayed away from processed foods as much as possible (without taking it too hardcore) and said no to things like bread and pasta because I didn’t really have to have them.
Although I know this is not the same for others.
Sweets are more my jam!

That was THEN and this is NOW……

Since giving Macros or IIFYM a try I’ve gained some knowledge about fueling my body and I’m using that in my current approach.

It’s still important to me that I’m taking into account what I’m putting into my body but I’m also keeping in mind how much I’m eating (I tend to under eat if I’m not thinking about it), the amount of protein I’m consuming, and the different combinations of food I’m consuming throughout the day.

Just a mental list. I’m not actually tracking anything.

For me where I am at this point in my journey thinking about food this way is working as I’m down 8lbs since I decided to take a break from counting macros and focus more on clean whole foods.

After giving macros a go for close to 4 months and seeing nada in regards to progress (in fact I actually bloated up quite a bit in my face and belly) it’s so good to feel and see some changes!


I think counting macros is awesome!

The idea behind it all makes sense and I love that it helps people think differently about food.
It was a great tool for me and I can see needing to go back to a macro focused plan when I get a little further into my journey but the way I was going about it was not jiving with my body.

My gut was having issues, I bloated up like a puffer fish, I started getting headaches, dizziness, and my anxiety was starting to return and I knew I was heading back to a place where I was before I changed my lifestyle.

I was eating way too many processed foods that I knew my body doesn’t digest well.
I stressing over how much food I was consuming.
The scale was up and down but would never hold a loss which played some nasty mind games.
My youngest was going through a super clingy phase which made it hard to weigh, calculate, and track my macros.

As much as I wanted it to macros wasn’t working well for me in my current season.

I ended up being more stressed over food and weight loss than ever before.

So I took a break and went back to what worked the last go around.
Clean eating!

If I ever take on macro approach I will never go about it the way I did before….NOPE!
I would do macros coupled with a clean eating mentality.
My body is sensitive to carbs and processed food and I already knew that but I figured I had worked passed all of that and my gut was good to go.

Boy was I wrong!


When you find out your system is sensitive to something it is what it is, it’s not something that just goes away.
The fact that I don’t digest high amounts of carbs or process foods well will be something I have to keep in mind while fueling my body for the remainder of my life.
I now know that!

Now I’m currently trying to do damage control and get my gut back to a happy place.

So I’m taking the tools learned from counting macros……
-Eating more frequently
-Getting in more protein
-Thinking about the combinations of foods I’m eating throughout the day

along with what I know about my body and a clean eating focus.

I would say my diet follows more of the 80/20 rule (80% clean 20% dirty).


“How do you know how much to eat?”

When you’re eating whole foods you can eat until you’re full within reason of course.
If you’re making good choices throughout the day you should be full within a healthy portion range for your body.

I always protein pack my breakfast and try to get in some carbs as well.
It gives me a great start to my day and with my 2 wild littles lunch time for mama tends to be later than I would like.
That protein from breakfast holds me over and the carbs help to fuel my post workout body.

I include protein with lunch and dinner along with some veggies and or salad!
Produce is awesome right now and I’m so excited for all the yummy salads full of goodness!
For carbs I stick to sprouted breads, sweet potatoes, brown rice and steel cut oats but I’m selective about when and how much I eat of these.

Carbs are important but my body can’t handle large amounts.
It all goes back to that metal tab I mentioned above.
I adjust what I’m eating throughout the day depending on what I’ve consumed.

Again props to macro counting for teaching me this!


Do you snack?

I sure do!
If I’m hungry I eat.

Some of my go to snacks are:
Fresh berries
Cucumber tomato salad with fresh dill mmm sooo good
Hummus with veggies
Protein balls
Celery stalks topped with almond butter and dried cranberries
Sometimes I’ll even grab a cold piece of chicken and go to town if I know it’s going to be a while before my next meal.

Again keeping a mental tab on what I have eaten so far.


Macro counting is not for everybody!
Clean eating is not for everybody!
Carb Cycling is not for everybody
Weight Watchers is not for everybody!
Paleo is not for everybody!

And that’s okay!
It’s up to you to find what YOUR body grooves with.

There are great components about each of these programs but you have to listen to YOUR body, the season of life you’re in and find what works best for YOU!

If you get into a program and decide you’re not getting what you want out of it it’s okay to change your mind.
It’s part of your journey!

Take what you learned from that program and roll it over into something else until you find what jives well for you and your body!

Ultimately we all want to be a heather version of ourselves.
That’s the goal right?

You do what works for you but what’s most important is that you start your journey to becoming that healthy self you’re reaching for!

BIG THANK YOU to Julianne for reaching out and inspiring today’s post!

See you guys on Monday with a VLOG and roundup post!
Did you miss this week’s vlog? You can see it HERE!



  • Macey - Great article as usual! Thanks! ❤ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Awww thank you so much Macey!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle beinke - Great post Kendra,thanks for sharing! You’re right, not every diet works for every person. I’m glad you’ve found what works for you and so happy to hear you’re having success with it!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you! It feels good to find my groove again! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kim Fry - This was an amazing post, so real and packed full of so much goodness!! I did macros for a bit, but it just stressed me out and I was eating so much junk. I could feel it in my tummy, always bloated and blah feeling. My body feels so much better when I eat whole foods!! Thanks for sharing!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Hi Kim! Thank you for the sweet comment! I totally feel ya. I’m in the exact same boat. Now it’s damage control time! Wish I would have thought to take on Macros with clean eating in mind from the get go. Oh well, live and learn! Some people can rock macros along with processed food and feel amazing. I’m just not that gal. Doesn’t sound like you’re that gal either. Thanks again for the love!ReplyCancel

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