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How I Style My Naturally Curly Hair

How I style my curly hair2


1. Hair Dryer and Diffuser – The one above is the one I actually use but the main thing you need is a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. The diffuser helps to add volume and keep your curl intact while blow drying. The more curly hair is fussed with the more frizz you open yourself up to. A gentle blow dry is best! Air drying is of course an option but I love the extra volume I get when drying with a diffuser.

Style Tip: I flip my head over and blow dry without the diffuser for about 3 minutes. During this step I’ll scrunch my hair in my hand to help create more curl.  I then add the diffuser attachment and finish it off with my head still flipped over. Having your head flipped over while drying adds volume! You’ll want to scoop your curls into the diffuser and hold it in place for a few seconds. After most of my hair is dried I flip my head upright and use the diffuser to add a little volume around the crown. Do you see the trend here? Volume…..volume…… and more volume!

2. Styling Gel – I’ve been using Biosilk’s Glazing Gel for years. Every now and then I’ll try something else just to see what’s out there but I have yet to find a gel that works as well as this does with my hair. It’s a thin gel which is one of the things I love about it. The thin consistency makes it easy to work through my hair and it holds my curl in place without making it look wet and crunchy. You that wet crunchy look I’m talking about!

Style Tip: I put a little in the palm of my hands and apply it throughout my hair in sections making sure that it gets in the areas where I tend to get more frizz and have tighter curls. I also make sure not to apply too much around the crown to keep it from weighing my curl down. Just a nice light even application is what you’re looking for. Once it’s applied I flipped my head over and use my hands to scrunch my my curls all over making sure to focus on the crown, again I want that volume and lift in the crown. This step bring the curls back to life after being flattened out from applying the gel. After this step I apply the frizz serim (look below) start the blow drying process.

3. Frizz Serium – This is not something that everyone will need. It really depends on your curl type. My curls are all over the place, tight, wavy, frizzy. I have a mix bag of curls if you will. Love this product to help define my curls, kick the frizz, and help with flyways. A little goes a loooooong way so be sure not to get carried away.

Style Tip: After I’ve blow dried my hair I’ll apply a little drop on my fingers and twist it around the curls that are frizzy and need a little extra love. It’s not something that I have to do each time I style my hair but it helps if I notice extra frizz . I only wash my hair a couple times a week so when it’s getting close to wash time and frizz is starting to creep in I’ll take a little in my hands and apply it to areas I need a little help.

4. Aerosol Hairspray – Nexxus Maxximum Hold aerosol does a great job of holding my curl and giving me that volume I love while keeping my hair from getting crunchy! 

Style Tip: After I’m done blow drying my hair I flip my head over lift my curls with my hand and give my hair a light spray. I then flip my head back over again lifting my curls with my hand and spray at the roots. This step locks in all that volume I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

And well most of the time I keep it pulled back, little fingers like to pull it ya know but sometime I do fix it the way I used to wear it before I had kids and when I do it looks like this…….

IMG_4518 resized

Where you can purchase these items (clickable links)
Revlon Perfect Heat Volumizing Hair Dryer , can also be found at Target
Biosilk Glazing Gel 
Garner Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum , can also be found at Target
Nexxus Maxximum Hold Finishing Mist , can also be found at Target

I could go on and on about hair……
-The different ways I fix/style my hair
-Finding the right stylist
-Where I buy my hair accessories from (that’s one I get asked a lot)
-How I style it when I want less tight curl and more beach wave
-How I’m combating postpartum hair loss. I have it friends and let me tell ya the 2nd time around is way worse…. at least it is for me.

I’ve looked high and low and there’s not a ton of style help out there for the gals with naturally curly hair. If you want to see more post on hair perhaps one of the topics above please let me know here or on one of our social media accounts! 

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  • Riley - Kendra! I love this post– you directed me here in a Periscope a while ago and i finally made my way here and these are excellent tips! I have very similar curls to yours and can never get them to settle correctly. I am going to try your tips! Would love to hear more about how you get your hair cut! (style, layers?..etc!)ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Yay so happy you found it helpful! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!ReplyCancel

  • Renee - Thanks so much for your tips. I think that’s my problem I’m not using the diffuser which is causing frizz. I never knew biosilk had gel! Thanks! I love their serum which smells so good.ReplyCancel

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