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I popped into Hobby Lobby to pick up some paper for my Happy Planner (which I am LOVING by the way) and stopped dead in my track when I saw I sign that said…..

All Fall & Halloween Decor 80% OFF

Yes that’s right friends 80% OFF!

I know exciting stuff huh?!?

I’ve been looking to add some fall decor to our stash so I figured why the hay not? Get it hay, hay is used in fall decor….oh my gosh I’m a comedic genius!

I’m posting this haul on the same day that I shopped because I love you and I want you to get in on this fall decor sale before it’s picked over annnnnnd because my Snap Chat buddies voted on today’s post and this one won!

Okay on with the haul! To watch via YouTube click HERE.

I found a photo of the squirrel bowl I was talking about in the haul. This is $4.00 after the sale. Gosh darn it I should I bough it!




  • kelsey - omg my mom and I totally eyed that squirrel/acorn thingy. and of course, we didn’t want to pay the price (we went when everything was just 50% off), but dang I would totally buy it at 80% off.

    and your vlog just made me hop over to their website and spend more money on seasonal items. but hey, we’re helping the economy!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Hehehe way to be positive Kelsey way to be positive!ReplyCancel

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