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Getting Back To Simple

Back to Simple.
This seems to be the trend these days and you know what?
I buy it hook line and sinker!

I’m at the simple party wearing my “I’m a fan of simple t-shirt” and neck hugging others who strive to live a simple life.
It’s simple goodness and I’m bathing in it!

What I’ve noticed this year is that the idea of simpleness is a big one and flows deep into many areas of our lives.

The idea of simple living doesn’t just stop there. It’s a mindset……

It’s about getting back to you.
Creating calm in a life that can consume you.
Living purposefully.
Letting go of the self induced stress.
Letting your passion bubble over.
Allowing yourself to be still.

I could go on and on about the many ways the idea of simpleness has shaped my life this year but today I’m going to focus on the blog.

Yes, even the idea of simple living flows to our little space here on the web.

Ever so often I jump on here and chat about my plans and ideas for the blog.
I’ve had a long relationship with this space of ours and just like a personal relationship it needs focus and nurturing.

Last week I was looking for an old link to share in our private Facebook group.
That little hunt took me on a walk down blog memory lane.
I never found that post by the way but what I did find was inspiration that caught me by surprise.
I was inspired by what my blog was 2, 3, 4 years ago.

It was simple.

Just me and my random thoughts, feelings and stories.
I wrote what I wanted to write.
I shared and documented no matter how silly or pointless.

I got joy from post like that and looking back those are post I really connect with and love revisiting.

I didn’t realize until that little walk down blog memory lane just how much I’ve missed blogging that way.
Not that I’ve changed the blog a ton but there is definitely a shift as I’ve become more involved with social media.
Things that I would have jumped on here to share are now shared on Snap Chat and Instagram.

Post have become more about products I’m loving and topics I know people want me to blog about.
I still really enjoy sharing those type of things and will continue to keep post of that nature coming.


I want to get back to sharing my heart and thoughts on the blog again.
Where it can live and be revisited.
Not in a space where will vanish in 24 hours.

I’m inspired by the thought of getting back to simple blogging so much so that I busted out 3 new post in a flash over the weekend!
That’s huge for me as it takes me forever to create a post.
You wouldn’t guess that with all the typos huh?

For those of you who have been with us since the move from Domestic Princess in Training to our new space here….
For those of you who have found us over the last couple of  years or even the last week….
For those of you who take the time to comment, email, connect…


I started this blog for myself and all these years later it continues to be a hobby and place of passion but its so much fun to have buddies to share it with.
Knowing you’re out there following along in the journey just adds a little sweetness to the pot.

Get ready because randomness and simple sharing is coming your way!

PS…..The photos I shared in today’s post were shot during a recent day camping trip. If it’s yellow I MUST take a photo of it!




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