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Get Excited For Next Week

This is the blog post where I tell you there’s not really going to be a post today. Okay so this IS a post but it’s not a real post post if ya get my drift
I’m trying real had to not miss a day this Bloguary so I say this counts mmmk?

Carson has a cold, the nanny hunt continues, I’m trying to get our house in order and catch up on laundry before my MIL heads out of town, and registration for our Valentine’s Box Swap closed today which means all the fun work starts for Jordan and I.

Lot’s to do with that little free time I do have so I’m going to chill from posting content today.


I did want to tell you about next week’s Bloguary! It’s going to be fun and it’s all post that have been requested by YOU!

Monday: Vlog from the weekend
Tuesday: Fave Drugstore Make from 2015
Wednesday: Fave Macro Friendly Food Staples
Thursday: Fave Netflix Goodness
Friday: Fave Albums from 2015
*Saturday Bonus Post: If I’m on top of my game there will be a bonus post on Saturday to make up for not having awesome content today. We have to see how the week goes though so I’m not making any promises. If I can make it happen I’ll have a post up on Saturday with my Fave Facebook Wholesale Groups!

It’s a week of Favorites! You guys ask for them often so I thought it would be a fun to dedicate a whole week to you!

And because we’re talking about favorites here are a couple of my favorite little guys!

hangingwiththehuies.com 2016 Weston Hangingwiththehuies.com vintage quiltI shot these for our Christmas card but never got around to editing them in time to use them. #behindonlife




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