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Funny Santa Photos – I’m One of “Those” Moms

There are two types of parents that take their kids to see Santa.

Those who jump in and save them from Santa’s lap if they see their child is even thinking about crying.

And then there’s me.

The mama who kind of hopes for a funny Santa photo and even asks Santa to play along when she should prrrrrroooooobably be jumping in to calm her freaked out kids down.

I’m not proud of it but it’s true.

I Kendra Huie LOVE a good crying Santa photo and man of mighty have my boys delivered!

The 1st year was sweet and precious.
Weston decked out in all things Christmas too young to understand what was going on.

2 pic santa progression

The second year we went to visit Santa he got the “We’re Afraid of Santa” memo from his little buddies.
Being the mean mama that I am I yelled from behind the camera
“Santa can you play along and do this (holding my hand up to my ear)”.
I of course was delighted when took my direction and knocked it out of the park!

What a good Santa huh?

Side Note: Why yes I’m even the controlling photographer when I’m not the one taking the photo. I know annoying much?

And then there is this year……

400658_4 copyWeston got the same “We’re afraid of Santa” memo from his buddies and shared it with his brother.
(insert laughing crying eyes emoji)
Don’t worry the second Santa gave Weston a sucker he was as good as new and Carson flicked his freaked out switch off the second I picked him up.

When it was time to pay for our photos I was almost floored when they told me there was a video option as well.
As if the photo wasn’t enough there was a video…..

Watch Carson’s when he stops crying for a second and slowly looks up at Santa BAHAHAHHA!
I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this!
I know, I know shame on me for getting a chuckle out it.

And just because I want to make sure I’m a shoe in for the “Worst Mama of the Year” award I took them back out for yet another Santa photo.
One of our traditions is to get a family photo made with Santa each year.
I frame them and put them out during the holidays.
I love how they’re dripping in festive cheesy holiday goodness!

No tears this time gosh darn it!
I’m totally kidding…….just a little!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
We hope your holiday whatever you celebrate this time of year is full of love, great food, and belly laughs.

Huie 2015 Card Front

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  • Tristina Bruton - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crying kid Santa pics too!!! So funny…my cousin has a 1 year old & when he got his pic with Santa, he cried…my cousin threw his fists in the air & yelled “YES!! THAT’S MY BOY!!!” …hilarious!!!ReplyCancel

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