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Fun People to Follow on Snap Chat

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Snap Chat has quickly become my favorite way to connect with you.
It took me a while to fully fall in love with it but once I got the hang of it I became a Snap Chatting fool!

I get to see a glimpse into your day and we get to chat about all things random….
and I do mean random!

I snap funny stories from my childhood, hit or miss products, snaps about food and fitness, things I want to blog about but know I’ll never get around to, all the shenanigans the boys get into and LOADS more.

It’s easy to check in throughout the day and I love being able to connect with you guys on a different level!


Just like any other social media platform finding people you enjoy following makes the app even more fun!

Since Snap Chat makes it a bit tricky to find peeps to follow I thought I would share my tip top favorite Snap Chatters and why I love them so!

In no particular order…..

*Brooke White (Username: realbrookewhite) – Brooke is one part of the Girls With Glasses duo. She’s funny and sweet and her snaps are just the same. She’s a mama to a 3 year old and preggers with her second. She snaps random stories and bits from her day.

*Tisse (Username: tissespieces) – Tisse is a mama to two (she also has a son named Weston) and lives by the lake. Her snap stories are full of sweet babies, dogs, chickens running wild and beautiful scenery. She makes me wish I had long straight hair #braidenvy and was able to eat Taco Bell and smores while looking like her #metabolismenvy.

*Kate (Username: k8_smallthings) Oh my gosh Kate CRACKS ME UP! She’s a blogger, a mama to 2 boys, and has a love for beauty products. All of these things make it into her snaps but what I love most about Kate is her sense of humor!

*Kristen (Username: dineanddish) – One of our blog buddies introduced Kristen to me (Hi Andrea) and I’m so very happy she did. Kristen is a mama to 4, a blogger, and has a heart of gold. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her over the last few months and I think you’ll enjoy her just as much as I do. She shares little bits of her day and host Snap Chat coffee chats throughout the week where she shares things that are going on in her life and more. I love her coffee chats and even took over her Snap Chat account a few weeks back and host one of her coffee chats (such a neat idea)!

*Leslie (Username: leslieagreen) – Leslie is a mama and a food blogger with a fun sense of humor although food doesn’t often make it into her snaps but her funny long hair Chihuahua and rants about her new snail slime moisturizer do! She’s a fun one to follow!

*Candis (Username: thejonesmarket) – Another snapper that gets me rolling! Candis is a mama and a girl boss. She’s the brains behind The Jones Market. She shares a smidge about her business and loads of sillyness from snaps about motherhood to stories featuring characters she makes up using snap filters. My favorite is Sad Tina bwhahahah y’all it’s hilarious!

*Jamie (Username: Eatbedo) – Jamie is a personal friend of mine and fairly new to snapping but mark my word her account is going to soar! She’s a blogger, a mama to 2 girls (Weston is in love with her oldest daughter) and a lover of health and fitness. Jamie whips up the most delicious heath conscious meals for her family, has a love for yummy coffee and shares her life as a stay at home mom! Love me some Jamie!!!!!

I’m not really a famous person loving snap follower.
There are TONS of celebs on Snap Chat but that’s just not my jam.
I love real people who have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously.
That pretty much sums up what you’ll find if you decide to follow any of the above Snap Chat accounts!

Snapchat-5722838471111454029If you haven’t already added me I’ll love to connect with you over on Snap!

Do you have a favorite snapper?
I mean besides me of course (kidding)!
If so please share their Snap Chat user name and why you love them in your comment below!

I’ll be updating this list as I find more “new to me” snappers I enjoy following so be sure to check back!



  • Maggie - I think you would love to follow a blogger named Amber Fillerup Clark! Her snapchat name is amberfillerupReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Yay thank you for sharing! I’m going to add her. I follow her on Instagram. She has as beautiful IG page! Didn’t know she is on Snap Chat too!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle E - So glad you all made it home safe from those awful storms! And your snaps…I die laughing at your face filters you choose! You’re like a snap-master now ! love it! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Oh my gosh that was so scary! So so grateful the boys slept though most of it!

      Hahahah thank you! I have fun telling stories with that filters! Yay Snap Chat!!!!!ReplyCancel

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