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Friday Favorites




Makeup Loves:

14349998 I’ve fallen in love with the Pixi makeup line. I’ve bought several things from them and have been so happy with everything I’ve tried out.

This lip tint is the perfect pop of soft color and shine…..not too much color just a pretty soft pink ! I’m kissing on my babies most of the day so I usually go for softer colors while I’m wearing my mama hat (hate when people kiss my babies and leave big dark lipstick stains on their skin) and this is one that I’ve been grabbing for lately. I even wear it to the gym. A little tip: It looks super light in person but it actually turns to a pretty soft pink when you apply it. 



14117310Another Pixi product love!
I’ve never really been a brow person. I didn’t color them in or use a tinted wax to shape them. It seemed like an extra step that I didn’t need.  Oh friends I was so wrong. Pixi’s Natural Brow Duo is a super low key way to give your bows some love. It takes no time for me to use it and I love the manicured look it gives my brows. It’s one of those things where you look at yourself and think “Something looks different, good but different and I can’t quite pinpoint what the change is.” It’s the brows y’all!  I’m converted and now use this daily even when I’m applying my 5min mama makeup.




Mama Loves:


Oh this bag! It’s worthy of its own post but let me tell ya why I’m even more in love with it this week. During a recent road trip a bottle leaked in my bag. I didn’t noticed that it had happened until the smell set in. Oh the smell blah! Besides the awesome print another reason I was pulled towards this bag is that it claims to be machine washable.  Well stinky bottle spillage was the perfect time to test it out.  I was worried that my beloved diaper bag would come out of the dryer in pieces but you know what it didn’t . She looked just as pretty as she did when I 1st bought her and the stink was gone! Awesomesauce!



We love our DROOLZIES bibs. Yessss I’m the creator of them and sale them in our Esty store BUT as a mama I also love them for my boys. Their cute and they do a great job of catching all that drool and spitup. Weston wore the stink out of his when he was teething. Carson has recently become a major drool bucket so our DROOLZIES have come back out and are getting another round of baby love. I am not sponsored by the other companies that I’ve listed in this week’s faves but I do have some pull with DROOLZIES so how about a coupon code for 35% off just for my blog buddies?

Enter the code HANGINGWITHTHEHUIES at checkout for 35% off! 🙂



Random Love:



I recently bought a package LePen colored pens to use in Carson’s baby book and our family Project Life album. I was told they write beautifully. They are nice pens don’t get me wrong but you know what? I like the markers from The Dollar Tree a million times better! I bought of The Dollar Tree markers for Weston. While I was waiting for my LePen order to come in I needed a fine tipped marker pen for something I was working on so I went into our craft closet and grabbed one from this set. Oh my y’all I was pleasantly  surprised. They write beautifully! I honestly see myself grabbing for these over my nice LePens. The Dollar Tree markers have moved out of the craft closet and now have a nice spot on my desk. I used them to address baby shower invites and have been using them in my Erin Condren planner as well. Love good cheap stuff!


Carson’s Love:


Carson is starting to teeth aka everything goes straight to his mouth. He loves his little blue elephant! It’s easy for him to hold in his hands, there’s lots of little things he can chew on, and he loves the crinkly sound it makes while he’s playing with it. If we’re going to be out of the house for a while and I always pack this little guy in our diaper bag in case he has a melt down and needs a distraction. It’s saved several times.

Weston’s Love:


Weston is all about anything transportation. Trucks, cars, airplanes, construction vehicles he loves them all but lately he’s been on a train kick. I bought him these train magnets for Christmas but put them away for awhile. You know the “Oh look at this new toy trick” for rainy days when they’re bored. He loved them when he 1st played with them after Christmas but he looooves them now. He’ll play with them on his own for a good 30 min. That’s 10 hours in toddler time. He’s sitting next to me while I type this and just said “Oh my train magnets! I love train magnets. My favorite!” so there ya have it he gave it his actual stamp of approval.


I’m not sponsored by any of these companies and purchased these items with my own money. My reviews are honest and truthful! It’s really stuff I love!

Where you can purchase these items (clickable links)
Pixi’s Tinted Balm – Target
Pixi’s Eyebrow Duo – Target 
Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Legacy diaper bag in the print Queen of the Nile – This diaper bag can be purchased from various venders as well as Amazon
DROOLZIES bandana drool bibs enter code HANGINGWITHTHEHUIES for 35% off – Our Etsy store
Dollar Tree Markers – Can be purchased in store or in bulk through their site ( you have to purchase at least 4 packs to purchase  through their website). Kind of silly huh?
Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe – Walmart  or Amazon

On the YouTube Channel This Week:
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Target Haul
Day in the Life Vlog (it’s a cute one)
Stitch Fix Haul




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