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Friday Favorites – Favorite Podcast -VOL 6

This is my “blanket podcast list” meaning there’s a little something on this list to cover everyone!

I’ll share my favorite “Mama Podcast” and “Family/Marriage Podcast” on a later day but I thought this would be a good starting point

Sorta Awesome: Hosted by Megan Tietz. She has 3 co-host that rotate throughout the season along with special expert guest. I love how random and happy this podcast is. They cover tons of topics such as books they’ve enjoyed, organizing life and home and favorite recipes to name a few. It’s usually a light hearted fun listen and I always get excited when I see they have a new episode!


What Should I Read Next: If you love books this Podcast is for you! Anne Bogel chats all about books with a fun twist. She has a new guest each week and plays book match maker. She asks a few book related questions to get to know her guest and their reading life then recommends three books that she thinks they should read next. Side Note: I had oral surgery last week and this was the podcast I picked to listen to during the whole ordeal (because yes I was awake). I think that says a lot about my love for Anne and her fun podcast!


The Simple Show: A podcast all about living the simple life. From living slow to simplified travel they cover pretty much all things simple and throw in a few books chats from time to time. Tsh (the host) recently changed the format of the show and added cost host and themed topics that are discussed more frequently throughout the month. It’s great but be sure to go back and listen to the previous seasons; I really enjoyed them!


Modern Love: One of those podcast that’s hard to turn off once you start. This is one that you want to play while you’re facing mountains of laundry or a sink full of dishes. There is a short essay that tells the story of love, all different kinds of love that’s read beautifully by a guest (who is usually an actor/actress). They then check in with writer of the easy to see where their love story is now. It’s beautiful pod cast that pulls at your heart and makes you think.


Happier With Gretchen Rubin: Where my podcast obsession began! I love all things Gretchen Rubin and stumbled upon her podcast while visiting her blog. BOM my podcast love was born! Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth chat about different ways to add little more happy to your life. Gretchen uses a lot of  research to back her topics which I appreciate and find interesting and the banter between her and her sister is fun. She has over a 100 episodes. If this is a new one to you be sure to back and listen to them all!


The Lively Show: Jess Lively host her podcast which is all about adding more intention into your day. She’s open, honest, and shares her journey to connect with her inner true self. She recently sold her home and is traveling the world. She shares about her traveling experiences and what she’s learning along the way. Before her traveling began she brought on a weekly cohost that chatted about that the different ways they are living with intention. She’s slowly getting back into that format but be sure to go back and listen to older episodes. They are my favorite!


Dear Sugar: Humm not really sure how to describe this one but I’ll try. Think modern day dear Abby. Listeners submit questions and host Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond dive deep and try to find answers. The topics are interesting but just an FYI they sometimes discuss dark subject matter so keep that in mind if that’s not something you like listening to.


Ted Radio Hour: A podcast that pulls at your heart and opens your mind to ways you can improve your daily life. This is another one you want to put on when you have a long drive or when you’re facing a messy house you’re not looking forward to cleaning. If you dig this kind of stuff it would grab you and pull you in and before you know it your long drive has come to an end or your house is magically clean!


This American Life: Ira Glass (anything he touches is pretty much gold) is the host and talks about politics and things happening around the nation. They tell a story beautifully and usually have several people contributing to the topic they cover.


Pop Cast:  The host are fun and they chat about all things random in regards to pop culture. The topics are lighthearted and silly and the host have a wonderful banter that’s fun to listen to.


Comedy Bang Bang: Host Scott interviews celebrities while eccentric people pop in randomly though out the podcast…….funny ensues! I honestly don’t know what else to say about this show but it’s makes me giggle and slap my knee from time to time!


Mystery: Starlee Kine host a podcast where she dives deep and solves mysteries that you never thought you would know the answer to or should I say that you never knew you wanted to know the answer to.

Hopefully you found a few new podcast that you can dive into!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to let me know so I know there’s interest in seeing more podcast list. I have tons more that I have yet to share (mama podcast, family/marriage podcast and even podcast for children). 

On to the happies!

1. My Happy planner! Has that been a past Happy? Maybe so but y’all it really makes me happy! Things have been busy in the Huie house and that thing saves me! I hope to have a blog post all about it and how I use my Happy Planner very soon.

2. The Valentine’s Box Swap! My goodness it brings me so much joy. It’s not even about the box that I receive. Don’t get me wrong that’s fun too but that’s not what the swap is about. I love putting together a box for my buddy and seeing all the love participants put into their boxes. It warms my heart right up. Someone recently posted something in our Facebook group “Hanging With the Huies Friends” (yes it’s different than our Facebook page and yes you should jon because it’s free and totally awesome!) that pretty much sums up what this swap is all about. She gave me the okay to share her words the blog.

Meg Says:
I have had the worst morning, absolute worst… and my doorbell rings. It’s my UPS guy delivering my #Valentinesboxswap I was in tears opening it. It touched my heart. My buddy put so much love and thought into the box. I’m overly emotional today already but I seriously can’t believe how sweet she was. She sent a little something for everyone in my house including our Golden Retriever. Kendra I know you have so much going on in your life right now and this is a big project to coordinate. But the last two years I have enjoyed it so much. I love everything about the experience and the opportunity to meet new friends is so much fun. I hope my buddy enjoys her box just as much. I had so much fun shopping for her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the ladies who made this happen!

3. An afternoon bath with my last Lush bath bomb. I keep saying I’ll take a hot bath after the boys go to bed but when that time comes I’m just too tired. Yes even too tired to take a bath as silly as that sounds. Well one afternoon I was home had no where to be and the boys were with my Mother-in-law so I went for it. Oh man it was wonderful. I wasn’t too tired to enjoy it and there were no cute little boys throwing toys into the tub or messing with the water facet while I soaked (totally how most of my baths go down). It was just me LUSH and quietness. It was lovely!

4. Patio meals with the family. We’ve had one wonky winter. It’s been more like spring with a few cold days mixed in. It’s been mainly sunny and beautiful all week so we so we’ve been taking advantage of it and eating outdoors as much as possible. The boys love Whole Foods so that’s been a stop a couple times this week.

5. The feeling that we may be getting over the hump. January has been a hard month for many many reasons and while we’re still facing some things I just have this feeling that we made it up the hardest part of the stretch. There are still some unknowns and some things I need to take care of but overall I have this feeling of We-Did-It-ness (yep making that a thing go with it)! I’m feeling a little more peace and hope trickle back in which is really really nice.

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Share your favorite podcast below!
I haven’t picked out a topic for next week’s favorites. Ideas?



  • Lisa - Hey Kendra! I love your Friday Favorite posts! I’ve enjoyed watching The Valentine Box Swap unfold. I missed the deadline due to life happenings, but next year for sure! Like you said, the act of doing something kind for someone just has a way of making you feel good. A little kindness can go a long way in this crazy and chaotic world of ours. Thanks again for sharing a few of your Friday Happies with us!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - It’s so much fun! I’m hosting a fall swap in the fall (late September) so if fall is your thing keep an eye out for that one. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay Lemon - Friday Faves! I’m starting to keep a notepad by my computer so I can jot down items you love and that I need to try!

    I was thinking of some ideas for your future favs…Similar to your fav movies, you could do a throwback Friday to your favorites from college, high school or even when you were little?!

    Favorite items to thrift, favorite subscription boxes (if you still complete) and maybe even your fav phone apps?

    If you have already done these sorry!!!ReplyCancel

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