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Flower Garden – Lifestyle Photography

We have a couple little raised beds in our backyard.
Each spring/summer Kent has these awesome lofty plans to garden and grow plants dripping in veggie goodness.
He talks about growing yummy tomatoes and pickin’ his crop with the boys.

Each year I buy into the dream.
Sounds lovely right?

All we’re missing are the chickens running around us while we pick goodies from the garden
And goats
And a lama
Can’t forget our horses
OHHH Oh oh lots of bunnies too
And yes of course the bee hives.

Each year it never quite works out like that.
Instead of a garden full of veggies it ends up being a gardener’s worst nightmare overgrown full of weeds and bugs.
Kent is a busy guy and it’s gosh darn it it’s hot during summer aka high time for garden tending.
Life gets busy and the garden gets forgotten.
The bugs and the birds usually win whatever he decides to plant and the summer heat takes the leftovers.

A few years back I started planting the seed (pun intended) to take a break from the veggie garden for a couple years and do flower garden instead.
I don’t know a gosh darn thing about flower gardens but I’m guessing you toss some seeds out and in a few weeks you have beds full of colorful pretties.


I’m sure it’s totally that easy!

He wasn’t for it at first but I kept at it and you know what?
This year the flower garden won!

Those little seeds best grow and be amazing or next year I may be looking out my kitchen window and seeing mountains of overgrown weed infested grossness.
Okay it’s not that bad but it is pretty sad.

I grabbed my camera and our two tiny gardeners and outdoors we went to help Kent get things started!

Hopefully I’ll have an update in a couple months with lots of pretty flowers to show you!
If this pans out well and he sees what great ideas I have than I’m certain he’s going to buy into my moving to Colorado idea!
I’ve been working on that one for a good 5 years so keep your fingers crossed for me friends!



  • Lisa - I love the idea of a flower garden! Can’t wait to see photos of it in all it’s glory this summer!ReplyCancel

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