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Flash Back Post–Colorado 2013

Y’all know I long to be a mountain girl.
We live in the suburbs of Texas but my heart lives in the mountains.  
I often day dream about our farm life.
Our cozy charm filled house, numerous cups of coffee enjoyed from our porch overlooking our chickens and bee hives. Our children running around our property exploring and enjoy the simple pleasures of live.
These daydreams are meditation for my busy hectic soul.

Last year thanks to Kent’s company we we’re able to visit Colorado.
A state I had never been to but knew it was my home long before the trip was planned.

When Kent asked if I wanted to join him on his work tripped I was pumped!
We had a couple days just us tucked away in the mountains before we headed to Denver for his convention. 

IMG_6147 copy

Out of all our trips this was by far our favorite.
The peace
The calmness
The beauty
All jumbled up together to create this relaxing environment.
I tried to explain this feeling to friends and family after we got home but I just couldn’t put it into words.

I still can’t put it in words but I can take myself back to that feeling when I daydream about our trip.
Yes I know I’m sounding a little nutty but it’s true.
I thought I knew what it meant to relax but our trip to CO taught me how to relax on a whole new level.  
It was definitely something my soul needed!

As embarrassing as I am to admit it I literally cried when it was time to go home.
We were waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport and I had to excuse myself so people didn’t see me. I know right, what nut!

IMG_6183 copy

I didn’t take a lot of photos. In fact this is about it outside of our maternity photos.

I left my camera behind most days.
I remember having this need to fully connect with Kent and our surroundings.  
Sometimes that means that I need to experience things camera free.
It can be very refreshing but of course now I’m wishing I took more photos.

IMG_6140 copy

I was almost 30 weeks pregnant.
Maybe I can blame the bathroom boo hoo that eh?
So many things were going through my mind.
We were quickly headed towards a new chapter.
12 years of just us was soon to be over.
I was excited and scared all at the same time.
I’m grateful for the time I had with Kent.
To focus on us. 

Any expecting mama’s reading I highly recommend a babymoon even if it’s a styacation in your own city!  
I promise it will be good for you and your loved one.  


IMG_6166 copy

This was our little home for 2 days.
Yep only 2 days but man those 2 days were glorious!
I totally took advantage of the hammock.
We explored, cuddled, ate yummy food, and shot my maternity photos right in our backyard (you can see them here)

IMG_6312 copy

We’re headed back to CO in just a few days.
Y’all I am just giddy with excitement!
This time our trip will be a little different……..
-Weston’s here. I’m so excited to share Colorado with him.
-We’re taking Brady (our dog)
-We’re driving (yep 14 hours with a 10 month old). 
-A couple friends are joining us.
-Annnnnd we’re staying for a whole week!! EEEK!

CO is my Disney world and I’m counting down the nights until we hit the road! 
Send us safe travel thoughts!
We’ll be driving through he night.
I’m a little nervous about it but know this will be best for our super active son.

IMG_6289 copy

IMG_6265 copy

We took our Instagram buddies along to CO with us last year and I want to do the same this year!
It was fun sharing the journey and it acts a wonder travel journal.
If you would like to go on vacation with us be sure to like our Instagram page.
I’ll be sharing pictures and videos along the way. 

Instagram: Kendra.Pryor

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