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Favorite Health Conscious Food From Aldi

Do you shop at Aldi? I sure do!
Who doesn’t love getting yummy food at great prices. I also love their whole shopping cart system. Why in the world don’t all store do this. It’s genius idea!

I didn’t go for the longest because I was for sure all they sold was junk. Yes there is junk just like any other grocery store but they also have some great healthy choices as well! The produce alone is worth a trip!

I usually pop in Aldi once a week for a couple of things. After my most recent trip I decided to pull out the new video camera and recorded a little Aldi haul for you.

Please excuse the lack of makeup and frizzy hair. We’re all friends here right so I’ll let you see me looking like a hot mess……literally it was stinking hot that day!

During the week as I enjoyed my Aldi goodies I shot a few pictures of what I ate so I could share with you. Everything below is from Aldi unless noted.

Salad Wrap: Whole wheat wrap, mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, bell pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, sundried tomato goat cheese crumbles (just a tad), and Ken’s light Cesar dressing (Target) served with snap peas (Asian H Mart our other favorite place to grocery shop) and my all time favorite Aldi product hummus which I talked about in the haul. Seriously if you’re hummus fan get in on this!



Summer Salad: Mixed greens, green apples, strawberries, blueberries (from our farmer’s market trip), celery, walnuts, fresh cracked pepper, honey almond goat cheese (just a little folks), and Ken’s Light Cesar dressing (from Target)


Afternoon Pick Me Up: Carmel rice cake, almond butter, 1 crushed Biscoff cookie, topped with a little honey, and yummy strawberries on the side. My favorite coffee k-cup Starbucks Breakfast blend (from Target)


Good stuff huh?
I’m a weirdo and enjoy my food even more when I know I got it for a great price!

If you’re an Aldi fan I would love to know what you’re favorites are! Share in a comment or jump on Instagram to let me know!





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