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Family Trip To The Zoo

Our 1st family trip to the zoo was a massive hit! Honestly I didn’t think Weston was going to be too excited or even get what was going on but boy was I wrong! I should have known that my adventure seeking people loving baby would eat this adventure up!


I decided that a 1st as any 1st in Weston’s life deserved my SLR and NO phone pictures. So I packed the big camera. Of course I had to take a couple phone snaps to share with my Instagram buddies but for the most part the phone didn’t get used. Once we got home and looked through the photos I was so glad we decided to put the phone down and pick the camera up! Kent even took some video which is pretty precious! I will add it to our YouTube channel soon.

If you’re in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and haven’t visited the Ft Worth Zoo you better get your kister over there. It’s stunning. The grounds are beautiful and they put a lot of thought into the animal enclosures. Animals aside it was fun just walking around and enjoying all the beautiful scenery.

That’s when you know you’re getting old eh?
You enjoy super exciting things like plants and find yourself saying things such as…..
“My gosh this tree is stunning.” and “I wonder if these do well in full sun?”


IMG_9326-copyAwww sweet baby kisses! I will never get tired of his open mouth slobbery kisses!


Anything Weston could get involved in he was all about it. Although I’m sure he thought this was Brady’s (our dog) big brother wearing a funny hat!






Almost 9 months old but looking like he cheezing for his 1st school picture!
Just look at those sweet teethers! Something else I’ll never get tired of!


Nana and little buddy! Isn’t my mama so pretty?



THIS was our favorite part of the trip. Again I didn’t think he would care too much about the merry-go-round but yet again I was wrong……… he LOOOOVED it!

He giggled every time the horse went up and down. It was precious even the folks waiting in line were getting a kick out of his reaction.


Trip to the merry-go-round at the mall is added to our summer bucket list! In fact I bet we’ll be going several times this summer!



The bird exhibit was pretty awesome as well.
You walk into a big net covered area that had tons little birdies flying around. Weston got a kick out of it!  Annnnd I did too!


Kent manned the camera most of the trip which was very sweet of him but I did enjoying taking photos of the animals. When I looked back through the photos I took a million bird pictures.

No zebras.
No giraffes.
Just birds and more birds!

Something weird about yours truly that only a few people know is that have an infatuation with birds. Kent and I enjoy bird watching (yes another old folk reference). What can say I’m 31 going on 60. Come on though don’t you think birds are funny? They crack me up! They way they walk. The fluffy feathered dance thing some do during mating session. They’re hilarious!

And so I shot tons of bird photos but I’ll save you and only show you 3.Smile 





This guy was pretty cute too! I would love to go back with a big zoom lens and get a little more up close and personal with the bigger animals.


Weston checking out the otters.



I could write a whole blog post on the elephants alone.
A mama and her baby. It was awesome to watch the bond between them. The baby playing but never going farther than reaching distance from his mama. He had to be touching her in some way at all times.

My mom brought up a good point and said it reminds her Weston and I. Yep my little one is the same way. Happy as can be but the second I turn my back even if I’m in the same room he flips. He’s happiest when he’s in my arms. Call him a mam’s boy. Say I’m spoiling him. I don’t care. He’s been that way since he was born no matter what I’ve done and I know a day will come when that’s not the case so I ‘m choosing to soak up every ounce of his mama’s boy love!


And on the note of him being a mama’s boy this guy hates being in his stroller. He much prefers the Ergo or to be carried. He’s 25lbs of baby love so that’s not always possible. We brought it along anyway hoping his stroller hating days were over. Let’s just say they aren’t but he’s working on it and did take a nap in his stroller so we’ll call that a success. 


This was such a special day for our sweet little family. Something I know we’ll remember for a long time!

Yay for day #2 of the Blog More in June challenge!
I’ll be back on Friday with a post about why we stopped hosting gatherings at our house!

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