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Fall Family Bucket List & Giveaway

I woke up before the kids the other day……

I know gasp!

I was waiting for Carson to wake me up around 3am (per his usual) but he didn’t which is a very very tricky game babies play on their parents sometimes.

I just knew the second I fell back asleep he’s going to start screaming.

So I waited……
annnnnnd waited……
and waited some more until I was WIDE awake and there was no way I was falling back asleep.

I decided to make use of this kid free time.

Visions of drinking coffee kid free aka hot coffee danced in my head. 
Because coffee, ALWAYS! 

I opened the door to let Brady out to go potty and was hit in the face with a breeze of cool crisp air.

The equivalent of waving hot fresh donuts in the face of a police officer.

WHAT is this?
Fall is that you? 
I thought it was only September.
Fall doesn’t hit TX until January.
What’s going on?
Maybe I’m dreaming?
Oh oh oh I see the sneaky game you’re playing Texas!
You DO let fall trickle in but I guess you have to be up at the crack of dawn to enjoy it.
Ok let’s do this!

The quick sniff of crisp fall air awoke the fall lover in me and filled her heart will all things plaid and pumpkin. She was excited!
Very excited!

I took my hot coffee and my favorite fall candled (Spiced Apple Wreath by Better Homes and Garden) and ran to my office.
Quietly though. Didn’t want to wake the kids. So I guess it was more like a tiptoe hop than a run.

I settled in at my desk….
took a big whiff of my candle…….
sipped my yummy and very hot coffee…….

It was time to make a fall bucket list and quick before I was hit with the 90 degree heat and humidity that’s still very present in Texas.

And so I Pinterestd’ (Umm Pinterested? I don’t know. We’re going for a verb here), planned and crafted two fall bucket lists.

I even got out my planner and sent out some text to set some fall plans in motion!
Only with my mama friends though because they are the only ones that I can text at 5am and know I’m not waking them.

I created one fall bucket list for the family which I’m sharing with you today and another for myself; the quintessential fall lover. 

I will be sharing my Mama Fall Bucket List on our YouTube channel in more of a chit-chat form on Friday (Oct, 2nd) .

Alrighty friends here is our 2015 fall bucket list!


2015 Fall Family Bucket List 2


And because I love you so I wanted to do a little fall love giveaway!

Fall Giveaway

I’m giving away my most favorite fall smell Spiced Apple Wreath (in a wax melt) and a set of precious woodland cookies cutters from Ikea.

Did you see on my list above “Bake Fall Cookies”?
Yep we’ll be using these pretties.
They were so stinking adorable I decided to pick up a set for you as well!
And the smell wellllll it’s very near and dear to my heart.
It’s my absolute most favorite fall winter scent!
You can no longer buy it at least as a wax melt.
They carried as a candle last year but I have yet to see it on the shelves this year so I’m thinking it’s not being released.
Sooooooo the fact that I’m giving this away speakers to how much I love you guys because I don’t get into my Spiced Apple Wreath stash for just anyone.

-You must reside within the US
-You must be 18 or older
-You must love the wax melt that’s included in the giveaway or you have to send it back to me. Okay just kidding about that one!

– Leave a comment below telling me what you love most about fall. Just a little FYI due to spam I approve all my comments before they post. If you’re not seeing your comment pop up in the comment section it’s because I still need to approve it.
– Leave a comment on our Instagram account (Instagram: Kendra_Huie) under the giveaway photo telling me what you love most about fall.

I’ll put everyone’s names in a hat next Wednesday (October 7th) and let Weston pick our winner. I’ll be in touch with the winner shortly after.

Be sure to stopped by our YouTube channel on Friday to hear about my “Mama Fall Bucket List”




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