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Y’all know I love to get my hunt on……garage sales, Craig’s List, thrift stores, consignments stores, flea markets, ebay, no matter the store front virtual or not I love to search for a good deal! Even if I was Mrs. $Money Banks$ I would still hunt!

-Many of our decorations are from Goodwill
-Some of my favorite props are ones that I spent $5 on at flea market
-Ninja’s home (our bunny) is a 2 story apartment was found for dirt cheap off Craig’s List. Bunny condos are freaking expensive but not his abode!
-And the list goes on and on!

With a little one on the way the hunt has been even more necessary than before as we try to prepare without breaking the bank. As many know babies outgrow things at the speed of light and they need a lot of contraptions! Enter The Hunter…..Moi! I’ve been dead set on finding items for Weston (our little bean on the way) at great to reasonable prices! Kiddos outgrow things so quickly that most of the items we’ve bought are in brand new condition even some with the tags still on them!


Online Facebook Garage Sale Groups Are Your BFF

What are they? Basically they are exactly what they are called, online garage sale groups hosted through Facebook’s group feature.

How does it work? Members of the group post items they would like to sale usually with price and details on the item. Other members then leave a comment under the post saying they’re interested, making a lower offer if you think the listed price is too high, or asking further questions about the item. The seller will then offer the item to commenters in the order the comments are left…..pretty much a virtual line.

Most items are listed as PPU (Porch Pick Up) meaning you agree on a price swing by their house on a agreed upon time and the item will be waiting for you on their porch. Most items are paid for through paypal or by leaving cash at a top secret spot. ;o) I actually prefer PPUs. I feel it’s safer and I don’t really want to go into anyone’s home or garage. With that being said I always take Kent with me just to be safe.

How can I find groups near me? Log into Facebook and search Online Garage Sale city name (enter surrounding cities that you wouldn’t mind driving to pick up your items. You should find several groups you can request to join! Once you’re in the group make friends and ask other members for recommendations on a few of their favorite groups. You can find general garage groups but you can also narrow down your search for groups that sale specific items (kids clothing, infant gear, antiques, and so on). I’m currently a member of 11 groups. The more you join the more goodies you see! 

-Be sure to read the guidelines. Each group is a little different. Some are stricter than others so be sure you understand how things work.

-Learn the lingo!  
        PPU-Porch Pick Up
        PPUO-Porch Pick Up Only
        ISO- In Search Of
        OBO- Or Best Offer
        NWOT- New Without Tags
        NWT- New With Tags

-If you see something you’re interested in and it’s at a great price JUMP ON IT! When items are in great condition and priced well they fly.

-Get in line! If you see something you want but see several others already in line go ahead and leave a comment saying you’re interested. Many times people change their minds and you may get lucky and be the next one up.

-Don’t be shy to ask for a lower price if you feel the item is overpriced. Most times they will say sure!

-Respond quickly! This is the same for buyer and sellers. If you’re posting items you want to sale post at a time that you are available to answer questions quickly so folks don’t lose interest. On the flip side if you’ve left a comment that you’re interested in an item be courteous to the seller and let them know quickly so they can offer it to someone else if you decide to pass.    

-Inspect your items before you drive away with them! It’s up to the seller to be responsible and honest but it’s also your responsibility to make sure you’re happy with what you’re buying. If it’s a PPU and you’re not happy with what you see leave it on the porch and contact the seller immediately to let them know you decided to pass and why.

-When you’re posting an item be sure to include as much detail in your discretion as you can and be honest with things that have scuffs or need a little TLC. The more detail you leave the less time you’ll spend answering questions.

-When selling items if you really want to see it go bye-bye list it at a fair price. No one cares that you’ve had it for a year, spent $100 on it, and have a huge attachment to it. We’re all there looking for a great deal so if you want your items gone fast list them for fair prices!

What have you recently snatch from your garage sale groups?

I have a running list of items I need/want and try my best to only buy something if it’s an item I’m going to use now or need for the baby.  Here are a few of our recent finds!


Weston’s bedding. The set is from Land of Nod and in great condition! For $30.00 the seller included:  2 crib sheets, 1 new mattress protector, bumper, crib skirt, and padded changing pad cover. I’m in love with the colors and flexibility! We’re doing his room in a vintage theme so I think this will look great!



$25 Electric smoker for Kent! He’s wanted one for the longest and was thrilled! We’ve had some yummy smoked chicken and salmon so far!


$4 Diaper wipe warmer for my studio! I don’t plan to use one for Weston but for my sleeping itty-bitty clients I think it will be great!


New in box magnification cosmetic mirror with light and wall mount $25.  
This has been on my list for the longest but they are freaking expensive!!!!  This one was priced a little higher than I would like to pay but she had tons of people in line so I couldn’t offer her a lower price. Paying $25 is way better than $100 though!



Boppy pillow with pillow case and My Breast Friend pillow case $5



Everything you see below was purchased for $50 from a church garage sale. The guy that we bought the smoker from told us about a huge garage sale that was happening. So glad he shared his scoop with us! Don’t be shy to ask people you interact with in the group if they know of any consignment events or great garage sales going one.



Good stuff huh?
Now get out there find some garage sale groups and start hunting!




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