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Documenting Life – Volume 2

I should have titled this post “ALLLLLLLL THE PHOTOS” yes it must be yelled and you must drag out the L when you say it.

For no real reason but that it’s fun!

That’s basically what’s going to be going down in this week’s post. I mentioned in my “Documenting Life – Volume 1” post that I’m working hard this year to use my big girl camera more frequently to create and document our days verses my phone camera. I tend to get in these ruts where I only use my camera for work and grab for my phone when I want to document something in my personal life.

I’m happy to say we’re 3 months in and things are going well! I’ve even printed these (and a ton others including phone snaps) and already have them in my 2017 Project Life album!

Who wants to give me a gold star!?!

Okay on with the photos and the stories behind them!


I took a ton of photos that day but this one is my absolute favorite!
Look at that face! Speaking of gold stars he needs one for nailing the perfect begging face! Just the right amount of puppy dog eye and pouty lip to make you want to give him all the Boom Chicka Pop in the world.


Hammers have been his favorite toy for the last month or so along with his Plasma car. He takes his hammer everywhere. He’s know at Weston’s school as Thor. Which is hilarious and totally fitting! Before we go into any kind of facility I have to have the hammer time (sorry I had to) chat.  So far he’s done pretty good. Although there was that one time he hit a cop car. Let’s hope there’s no future foreshadowing going on there. Yes we found the cop and I made him apologize!

Carson’s face. That’s pure joy!

Kent stood watch while I set in the middle of the street shooting away! The boys getting to ride in the wide open needed to documented!
They had a blast!

See blast being had here!


When you match the playground.

I’m obsessed with Carson’s hands they’re five sizes too big for his body and I can’t get enough of them nor can my camera.
PS…He hates having his hands dirty so I snapped this to document his funny quirk.

He wears these shoes pretty much daily and I LOVE them! I’ll know I’ll be happy to have this shot when his feet are stinky and big and I no longer have a say in his footwear.

There’s a bathroom with a teeny tiny window above the shower right behind us. It’s the only window in the bathroom and it it shines the prettiest afternoon light. We were playing in the hallway when I noticed the light from the little bathroom bouncing off the wall…..perfect shadow puppet stage! Love how Carson is watching Weston and trying to do as he’s doing.

Again look at those puppy dog paws!


Those little teeth and a boy that melts my heart on the daily! Oh the things he says. He has a pretty special heart!

Crying because he didn’t want to be held as well as crying because he did want to be held. I know, it’s all very confusing.

Little feet and hand dimples! Swoon worth stuff!

They had these really neat old barns at one of the campsites we visited. This one was pitch black inside and I had to bribe him to go in so I could snap this photo. Bribery works and I have the photo to prove it!

See you guys next Friday!



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