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Documenting Life – Volume 1

I set a goal last year to pick up my camera (not my phone) to document my boys and our life. Nothing fancy just the simple stuff. The mundane that beautifully fills ours days.

I had fallen back into that phone snap rut and while the best camera is the camera you have on you (sometimes that’s your phone) I wanted to motivate myself to reach more for my DSLR.

I had taken some time off from shooting professionally. I was no longer working behind my camera or spending hours in my office editing images for my clients (sidenote: I’m coming back this spring y’all!). I figured it was the perfect time to challenge myself to document more with my camera.

Here we are a year later.

I wish I was telling you how awesome I did.
I wish I was showing you all that I captured last year.

But the opposite happened.

I failed miserably.
I can probably count on my hands the amount of times I picked up my camera to document our life.

2016 was a great year in the goal department!
I’m thrilled with all that I achieved last year but the goal to document more with my camera was a massive flop.

Creating with my camera is a passion of mine. My huge love for photography was the reason I decided to become a professional photographer 8 years ago but for some reason that big love wasn’t enough.

I needed a plan!
A new plan!

I sat down and wrote a list of all the things that were holding me back and came up with some fixes and a shiny new plan to help me seceded!

Here’s to new goals and knocking old ones out of the park!
A failure one year doesn’t mean it has to be a failure the next!

Below are some recent images I’ve snapped of the boys along with a little background story as to why I love them so.

I recently came across some Weight Watcher 2 point muffin recipes that I can actually fit into my daily point allowance. I haven’t baked in years…..years and I miss it so. The boys and I have been having a blast baking together and y’all I’m still losing weight while eating our treats! That’s a win win in my book!
Side Note: If you come over for coffee and treats be warned the boys like to mix a little extra “love” in said treats.

 Weston has been obsessed with super heroes for the last 6 months. It’s been a sweet phase seeing him pretend to fly around the house. Asking for crime to fight and wanting to wear his Super Man cape 24/7. He’s now moved onto transformers (of course after he received all things super heroes for Christmas) but I’m glad I have a few super hero shots for us to look back on when he’s older.

For a moment they were both still and not fighting. The two don’t often happen hand in hand so this definitely needed to be documented. Love how Carsie has his knees up and the way light is highlighting their little features. I think they look so very different from each other even though people ask if they’re twins.

Brady has some sweet modeling skills! He’s such a wild thing bouncing all over the place but when I take his photo he’s still and follows direction to a T.  I was trying to capture the morning light reflecting off the wall in my office (which is one of my favorite rooms). To add interest to the shot I needed a model. BRADY! I asked him to jump up on the chair, sit up and look out the window. No joke that’s all I said to him and he did exactly as I asked. There was my shot! You would never know what a nut he is by the way he acts in front of my camera.

 I often describe my dad as Santa and a teddy bear wrapped up into one person. He’s a softy with a heart of gold and I think you would love him just as I do if you ever met him. Each year my dad spends hours up on hours in his kitchen making salsa and jelly to pass out to coworkers, friends and family. It’s become a thing that many people look forward to each year. He recently told me that 2016 was his last year to do this. We didn’t discuss the reasons why but I have a feeling it’s getting hard for his hands. I could see how tough it was for him to say he was going to stop. It’s something he really enjoys.

We had dinner with him and my step mom the other day and I knew I needed to document him with what was left of last year’s batch. His house has zero natural light flowing in not to mention that it was overcast which wasn’t helping the low light situation. Normally I wouldn’t even think about bringing my camera along but I remembered my goal and grabbed my camera even though I knew the lighting was going to be crummy.

Y’all I’m so very glad I did.

After we arrived I asked if I could snap a quick photo of him with his jelly. He was all about it! As I was snapping away he began to cry and before I knew it I was crying along with him. Neither one of us really wanting to talk about why were we crying but knowing we were crying for the same unspoken reason. I’m grateful for these photos.

Sleepy eyes and snuggles with his favorite bear. Pooh has been washed countless times and has traveled all over the place with us. He’s one that I’ll hold onto even after Weston outgrows him.

Carsie caught mid peekaboo!

This was taken bright and early one morning. Just look that that bed head. Weston is a morning person just like his mama!

Both boys piled in my lap! It’s hard to tell what’s going on here but I promise you were were giggling and having fun! If you look close you and see a Carsie’s head in there too!

Ugh I love this shot! It was taken in SUPER low light so the quality isn’t the best but the moment is there which is more important to me. I had planned on taking pictures of Weston ridding his scooter around the kitchen which is one of his favorite things to do at the moment. I was was getting set up to take some shots when this happened and I knew THAT was my shot! This right here is exactly why this goal is so important to me.

One day they’ll be the same height.
One day their feet may be bigger than Kent’s.
One day I’ll tell Weston stories about how he used to ride his scooter all over the house. How he made up awesome scooter tricks that made us all giggle. I’ll tell Carson how much he loved his big brother even from the very beginning and wanted to do everything that he did. Then I’ll show them pictures like this. Pictures of the mundane. Pictures of those simple moments that are filled with love and sweetness.

I hope to share some of this journey with you throughout the year as I work on my goal to create and document more with my camera.
Something else that’s been added to the goal list for the year is to learn how to make jelly and salsa. My dad just about levitated when I asked if he would teach me.

Lots of love to you guys,



  • Nicole McKee - I think you hold yourself to high standards. Just looking at a few of the pics you snapped tells me that you did NOT fail miserably. I’m glad you made a new plan, and I hope you get to capture more of the mundane.

    I must say that my favorite pic was the one of your dad. I totally geared up and I love that you both did too.ReplyCancel

  • Windy - I just lost it w/ Dad and his jelly. I’ll continue reading now.ReplyCancel

  • Laney - Oh Kendra!!! This struck my heart….my daddy just turned 76 this month and we celebrated at my house with all the family. I think I get more and more emotional as I get older, about my parents getting older. I cherish the time my babies get-together spend with my parents and I am so thankful. So glad you captured this !ReplyCancel

  • JUlia - I LOVE photos like this! Real life!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - BEAUTIFUL POST! An absolutely precious peek into this season of your life. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Omg. I cried all the tears at his post. Your dad. The boys in kents shoes. So much perfection in all those pictures.ReplyCancel

    • Kelsey - Update: my mom asked me what was making me cry, so I passed the phone to her and told her to read this blog post. She cried too.ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - My Dad’s heart gets me every time. I told him something that Weston said the other day “When stars get cold they turn into snowflakes and fall from the sky.” he started to cry when I told him and of course I followed along.ReplyCancel

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