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Documenting Family–Bloguary Day 1

Document More 2015

One of my goals for year is to document more of my family with my DSLR.
I know, what’s new.
I make that same goal every stinking year.
I start off great then somehow my phone creeps its way into my pocket I use my cell camera and my DSLR gets left behind.

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for phone photos and I will never stop documenting with my phone. Hello I’m NUTS about Instagram (Kendra.Pryor) BUUUUUT I miss shooting and documenting life with my actual camera!

People assume that I have tons of awesome photos of my family plastered all over my walls…….
because I’m a photographer and well that’s what you do for a living (capture families) so of course you do the same for your family, right?
That’s a big fat NOPE!
It’s actually the opposite.
The last thing I want to do after a long day of editing for my clients is spend more time tucked away in my office on my butt editing my own personal photos.

So what I do shoot sits on my computer.
Never to be touched again. 
It’s a shame.
A big shame. 

This year I have a plan.
It’s a different plan than the pervious attempts.
Maybe that’s where I went wrong. I never tried to change it up.
Just told myself to try again next year.
Yeah that’s not working!  
My 2015 goal of documenting my family more goes along with several of my other 2015 goals (I’ll elaborate more in another Bloguary post).
I’m hoping take interweaving several of my goals around documenting my family will help me succeed this year! 

So this is THE year my friends.
Oh gosh I hope so!

I didn’t wait until the 1st of the year to start documenting.
I’ve been picking up my camera often and boy am I happy I had it next to me on this night.

Just take a gander  at this………

IMG_0017 copy

IMG_0006 copy

IMG_0016 copy

IMG_0011 copy

IMG_0020 copy

I was just a few feet over chopping tomatoes for dinner (we were having turkey tacos).
I looked over at him every now and then to make sure all was well and it was…….
Until the last time I checked on him. 

Kent (the hubs) said it was so out of control that it looked staged.
He did this all on his own.
In a matter of seconds. 
It all ended in tears (him not me), both of us covered in yogurt, and a hose down (times 2).  

I’ll be doing a series of “Document More” post during bloguary! If you would to join me I would LOVE to see how you document your family!

Bloguary 2015-1


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