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Day in the Life – Bloguary Day 9

A few years back I started off our Project Life album with a day in the life spread. To this day it’s my most favorite spread to look back on. Us in our jammies being lazy cuddled up eating black eyed peas all day. Those were the pre baby days.

Things have changed.

We still spend a lot of time in our jammies on New Year’s day but we have a new member to our Pj club so I thought it was time for another round of “Day in the Life”.

Documenting our New Year’s day was different this time around.
Melt downs, a funny dog, tons of rushing as we tried to get ready for my niece’s wedding (I know right, getting married on New Year’s Day so very sweet). It was different yes, but there were still cuddles, black eyed peas, and of course jammies!

Let’s welcome our new New Year’s day Pj Club member and see how the day played out………..


IMG_0441 copy

My favorite part of the morning is getting Weston out of bed. He’s usually chipper happy to see his mama and his best buddy Brady! We were greeted with a “Maaaamaaaaa” (the sweetest sound in the world) and a “Brady-Brady” oh gosh and The. Best. Bed head!  It’s different every morning so that’s always exciting! Some folk get excited for their 1st cup of coffee in the morning. I get excited to see what’s going on with Weston’s hair, okay that and coffee.

So as you can see I really have a lot going for me in the mornings!

IMG_0444 copy

It was all squishy cuteness and then………..
The melt downs started.

I think he was nervous about his 1st big Day in the Life documentation. I mean it’s a lot of pressure to know your day will forever be frozen. Not to mention that photos of you will start our new 2015 Project Life album. 2015 if a big year for us. I don’t blame you buddy.

IMG_0457 bnw copy

IMG_0454-3 copy

Brady’s face CRACKS. ME. UP. in these photos!
His expressions totally tells the story………
“Dude chill out.”
“What the freak!?! Why are you on the floor now?”

I’ve looked at these photos so many times and I still crack up each time I see them. Yes I am mean.

Mama hold me meltdowns are typical in our house and so is the funny dog that’s always right in the middle of everything.

IMG_0452 bnw copy

We made some progress.
Our bedroom to the hallway. When I asked him if he wanted to go downstairs for breakfast that  set him off again. The pressure I tell ya! 1st the whole Day in the Life thing now he needed to walk down the stairs. It’s all too much. 

In all honesty we’re trying to get this guy ready to share his mama and not need to be carried/attached to me at all times. It’s precious and I love my mama’s boy of course but it’s time for “Prepare for Baby Brother Boot Camp”. As you can see it’s really working out well!

I’m thinking it may be easier for me to just grown another set of arms. One set for each boy…..yes! Oh wait when they get older and don’t need me anymore I’ll look really odd walking around with 4 arms. Or maybe I’ll look like a genius! I’ll have a hand for coffee, my phone, my purse, annnnnnd a free hand for miscellaneous stuff. Yes growing another set of arms plan still in action!

IMG_0466 copy

A train magnet and a snack cup full of grapes to the rescue!

Just look at that face. Does he not melt you? It’s the face of “I’m sorry I screamed and cried about nothing for the last 15min but look how cute I can be. I own you lady.” And yes he does. 

IMG_0494 copy

An almond latte to mama’s rescue!

Ps…My new Nespresso needs a whole post dedicated solely to its awesomeness.

IMG_0509 copy

IMG_0527 copy

He ran out of grapes.

IMG_0543 copy

Kent woke up and join in on the fun. Can’t you just see the fun in the photo?

I on the other hand had my latte to sip and backup to help with Mr. Meltdown so I was having a blast.

IMG_0578 copy

Another one of those “I own you moments”

IMG_0593 copy

Again look at Brady eyeing the turkey bacon package. Cute crying baby aside Brady totally stole the show that day. Perhaps he needs his own post too. “A Day in the Life of Brady”. Yes I can see it now!

Kenty-Pooh is the cook in the house.
He whipped up some black eye peas (got to get that luck in) and some eggs for breakfast! Me still enjoyed my latte mmmmmmm while he got his cook on.

IMG_0604 copy

DIAPER LAUNDRY! Yes it’s exciting! Diaper laundry is oddly enjoyable and relaxing to me. Oh and this is my most favorite print. I always grab it 1st when it’s clean. 

Carson wanted a little New Year’s Day cameo. Hi Carson!

IMG_0642 copy

And that’s when things got crazy and I slacked on taking photos.
We rushed to shower, make ourselves look somewhat presentable and headed out for my nieces wedding. Which was absolutely beautiful! 

So this was more a half day in the life but still special non the less. Melt downs dirty diapers and all!

Bloguary 2015-1

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