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Day 17: My Log Cabin Obsession

It’s true I’m obsessed with cabins!
I love staying in them.
I LOVE photographing them.
I could eat them on a plane. I could eat them on a train. Just kidding but really I do love me a good cabin!
If it’s a log cabin even better!


Ponca, ArkansasIMG_7188

I think it’s the charm.
The seclusion.
The lifestyle I associate with them. 

Mountain View, ArkansasIMG_25302

They make me all warm and mushy inside.

If I lived in one would I still feel the same way?
Would I take all that I love about them for granted?
Do the people that live tucked away in the mountains all cozied up in their cabins still notice all the beauty that surrounds them? I always wonder that when we’re visiting. I see them doing their thing and living their lives and think “Do you know just how lucky you are to call this your home?”
Maybe they feel the same way about city folk? 
Probably not though.  


Jasper, ArkansasIMG_6910-edit

My cabin life is a dream I hold tight. Not sure that it will ever come true so for now I will day dream and look forward until the next time I get to call one my home…..
Even if it’s just for a few days!

Tiny town tucked away in the Colorado mountains. I forget the name of the city we stayed in.IMG_6312

We’re currently planning our summer trip to Colorado.
Oh yes there will be a cabin involved!






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