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Crossed Something Off My Photography Bucket List – Frisco TX Photographer


FUN is the 1st word that comes to mind when I think back to this session! Yes I said think back. It’s been close to a year since I shot these images.

This couple was sweet, silly, and stylish. My 3 favorite “S” words. Noooooo those really aren’t my 3 favorite “S” words but it sounds cute and they really were sweet, silly, and stylish so let’s run with it.

When you write your own blog post you get to make stuff up.

Like this…..
Guess what I did today? I flew all the way to Paris just to sit at my favorite café. I sipped on a yummy caramel latte, watched the people pass, and enjoyed a calorie filled pastry without an ounce of guilt.

Oh man wouldn’t that be awesome if that was true!

Okay back on task!


ANYwho I LOVED working with these two! I had so much fun with them during their shoot I ended up going over our session time quite a bit. That happens to me a lot!



Loved Allie’s outfit! This is where stylish comes into play.


This is one of my favorite shots from our session.
I think it looks like a screen shot from a romance movie. The way Allie’s hair is blowing. How David is looking at her. How they’re holding each other. The background. I love it and yes I am biased. At least I admit it.













See I told you they’re silly! Silly clients are my favorite and that’s a fact!







I bet you weren’t expecting this one!  Ha I’ve got to make sure you’re paying attention!

Meet Taffy and Lucy. Aren’t they stinking adorable? Allie and David brought them along to jump in a few pictures. I was so excited when Allie told me they were Boston’s. Photographing Boston Terriers is on my photography bucket list. Yes I know that’s a weird thing to have on my bucket list but if you haven’t figured this out yet I’m a little odd. You just have to embrace it!



Um model much?






Allie and David had a little surprise for their friends and family. They let me help them spread the news……because they’re cool like that. See why I like them so much?

Do you get it?

We’re Prego!

And so you know just how far behind I am on sharing my sessions. I’ve already snapped and completed their newborn photos! Oh just wait until you see. Their little man is a cutie! We did some really fun setups during his session.


Allie and David,
 Thank you for being so sweet and fun! Y’all rock! It’s been such a joy working with you over this last year. David thank you for teaching me how to work my sound app! Yet another reason why I love you guys!





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