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Weston was supposed to have a small Halloween party last Friday but a nasty cold hit our family. It started with Kent, moved onto Weston, then me. Thank goodness Carson didn’t get it!

We were all on the mend by the time of the Halloween party but I thought it would be best to reschedule juuuuust to be safe. Do you remember when THIS happened? Yep no fun! Same group of friends are getting together for the Halloween party. We haven’t all been together since that whole fiasco and there was no way I was going to be the cause of outbreak round 2.

I made the mistake of getting Weston excited about his Halloween party. Once you tell that kid he’s going to have a play date or do something extra special he gets heart broken if it falls through. I still wanted the day to be fun so I drew a little invitation and invited him to a mama son Halloween party! 

We stayed in our PJs all day (ok this was really more for my benefit than his and my PJs were more sweaty gym clothes), read gobs of Halloween books, cranked up his “Truck Song’s” CD, did an easy Halloween craft aka monster stickers and construction paper, and decorated pumpkin cookies!

It’s wasn’t anything fancy but sometimes those simple random activities that you throw together are the best ones!

IMG_6475 copy 2

IMG_6492 copy

IMG_6509 copy

IMG_6560 copy 2

IMG_6480 copy 3

IMG_6558 copy 2

IMG_6563 copy 2

Being a parent is fun but being a parent during the holidays kicks the fun factor up a notch! Weston’s at the prefect age to really get into all things festive and I’m loving every second of it!

PS….Doesn’t he look so grow up in these photos?

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for our Wednesday post!

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