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Christmas Card Swap & A Random Chat

Hi friends!
So I totally tanked with my blog challenge…..BIG TIME!

In my defense I have a good reason why I missed the last week. I’ll fill you in on all that in today’s vlog as well at catch you up with what we’ve been up to and share about something I’m doing that I’m pretty excited about.

To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

We would love to swap Christmas cards with you!

Just in case you skipped over the vlog (I chat about the swap in there). You can send your card to the PO BOX address I’ve shared below and I will send you one of ours. I’ve ordered a bunch of extra cards so hopefully I don’t run out. If I do I’ll still send you a pretty card it just may not be a one of our photo cards. Hopefully that will be okay!

This was so much fun last year! I loved getting a little peek into your lives and seeing your smiling faces on our card wall each day! Some of you even included handwritten letters which just about melted me!

If you would like to swap cards with us you can send your card to the address below.
PO BOX 116440
Carrollton, TX 75011



  • Kelsey - I love all the ideas that you have planned for December vlogging! And man, you saying that Kent took Carsie to the ER while you stayed home, made me get teary for you. Thankfully we’ve only had to take Cora to the ER once and we were lucky enough for both of us to be there. I hate it that you guys had to split up that night but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    And a BIG congratulations on your weight loss with WW!! I need to watch my eating better and I may get in on the program too. So happy for you and your progress!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Yes it was horrific! I hated that we had to make that choice but what can you do ya know.

      YAY thank you! It feels so good to see things moving in the right direction!ReplyCancel

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