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Carson’s Nursery Plans

Carson's Nurserywm

Eeeek so excited to have another nursery to decorate. I had so much fun decorating Weston’s. Lots of great memoires turning his room into a cozy space for our wild man!

Knowing how much joy Weston’s nursery brings me I want to put just as much love into Carson’s room!

Alrighty onto the Plans………..

Above is what we have so far. Most items have been ordered a couple haven’t. Love the navy stripped glider but I want to sit on it (pun intended) for a few a bit longer before I purchase it.

We’re going with a woodland animal theme. Not really a fan of themes but if I had to pinpoint the style I’d say that’s pretty close. I want to bring our love for the mountains and outdoors to Carson’s room. My boys are going to be just as nuts about the mountains as I am! I’ll make sure of that!

The crib is a gift from Kent’s parents which is pretty special. They also gifted us Weston’s crib. Isn’t Caron’s beautiful? So far it’s my favorite thing in his room. We don’t actually have it home but it’s on its way.

Things I Need to Finalize:
-Decide on bedding
-Rug: Looking for a very specific Aztec print rug that will bring in more color (yellow, navy, touches of red and orange). I’ve seen a few I love, problem is they are expensive so the hunt is on!
-New light fixture
– Dresser/Changing Table: I would like to find something that has some age and character
– Curtains
– And random décor fluff. You know the little things that bring the room together!

Design Elements in His Room
-Painting the wall behind his crib with chalkboard paint.
-I’ll be adding a few Birchwood white wall decals to the wall behind his crib. I think they will pop and look great against the chalkboard paint.
-We have a beautiful reclaimed wood art piece that will be hung above his crib.
– I would also like to add touches of plaid; maybe a plaid throw over his rocker along with a couple prints that have plaid in them. A fancy dressed up fox with a plaid vest? We’ll see what I find on Etsy!

What We’re Working on Now
Carson’s room is our guestroom. Before his furniture arrives we need to nix the guest bed clean out his teeny-tiny closet, and paint the chalkboard wall.

They’re ya have it! I was so hush hush with the plans of Weston’s room. Here we are 16 months later and I have yet to share it with you so I thought I would be a little more open and blog the journey this time. I’ll update as I gather more elements and we complete projects. 

I have my work cut out for me but we’re off to a good start!

PS….Our 3rd annual Valentine’s Box Sawp opens tomorrow!
Tomorrow’s Bloguary post will be full of details and registration info.

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