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Carsie-Bear Turns One


I’ll never forget that call I got from my OB office with our gender results (They now have a blood test that checks gender. So cool, right?)

I was in Marshall’s getting few things I needed for a shoot.
At this point I was 100% sure I was having a girl……100%!
I was excited but oddly a little nervous about being a mother to a girl.

I stopped by the baby clothes and saw the CUTEST girl stuff and had a moment where I thought “Okay I can do, this girly stuff and all.”

That’s when my phone rang…….

It’s was the nurse from our OB office with our gender results.

She asked if it was an okay time to chat or if I wanted to wait until Kent was with me.
Ummm NOPE not waiting!

Lay it on me sister!

“You’re having a BOY! Weston is going to have a baby brother”

I was shocked!

My heart stopped and I began to sob right there in the middle of Marshalls.

The nurse (including myself) was a little surprised by my reaction.

“Are you crying because you’re sad?”

“NO I’m crying because I’m EXCITED!”
I abandoned my cart went to my car and sobbed some more.

Weston was going to have a baby brother.
A little buddy to grow up with.
I was keeping my boy mom card!
We would be able to use all the precious baby clothes I saved from when Weston was an infant. The thought of seeing another sweet baby boy in Weston’s hand me downs was enough to turn my exited sob into a full blown ugly cry.

So many thoughts running through my head but most of all I was thrilled and over the moon that anther boy would be joining our family!

I had no idea just how much our little Carsie-Bear would rock our world but before I knew it he was in my arms all sweet and chubby with a head FULL of hair.

Kent and I just as smitten with him as we are with his big brother.

And here we are………
a year later chatting about out little one year old!


This last year hasn’t been a walk in the park and I didn’t expect it to be with 2 under 2 but what it has been is an amazing ride full of LOVE and GROWTH.

Growth in my marriage.
Growth in our bond as a family.
Growth as mama, wife, daughter, friend.
Growth in admiration for my husband who is one heck of an amazing father. I can’t even type this sentence up without crying. He’s more than I could have dreamed of for my children.

Love has been amplified as we’ve watched Weston become a wonderful big brother and a huge help when I can use an extra set of hands.
Love for each other as we’ve pulled together to work as a team.
Love for this new bond between brothers that is just too precious for words.
Love for those around us who not only love our boys but take time enjoy the ride with us.

And of course…..

Love for our new little guy our sweet sweet Carsie-Bear.
If you could be look up our little dude’s personality in a dictionary it would read a little something like this……..

Carson James Huie, Carsie, Carsie-Bear, Cars, Cars-cars, Carsie-James, Baby Carsie, Baby Brother, Hulk Smash, Mr. Grabby Hands, Fussy Pants Magee –

One who will seldom be called by his actual name. A little love with pillow cheeks who is just sweet as he is spicy. One who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to make it happen. With a smile that starts at his lips and goes all the way up to his eyes causing his nose to wrinkle in the sweetest way. One who lights up the room and isn’t the slightest bit shy about the attention he draws in. A boy who loves his inner circle hard and is the happiest when he has their undivided attention. He’s a leader, a giver, and tough as nails! The tough part will bring on the saying “He’s going Hulk on us!” which is often said when removing him from sudden danger (his favorite place to be), during a diaper change, while putting on his clothes or when he can get his hands on anything squeezable. Hulk smash! He’s attentive and very aware of his surroundings. If something looks dangerous that’s the direction he’s going or item he’s grabbing for first. If he is redirected he will continue try his darndest to get back to what he was focused on often using his hulk baby strength to make sure of it. One who has hands twice the size they should be. His hands remind his mama of a big puppy paws further making him even cuter than he already is. He uses his amazing baby strength and grabby puppy like hands to break, knock over, pull at explore his surrounds. He loves to eat, protein being his most favorite. A hulk baby must always be sure to feed those baby muscles. While he eats he often says “Mmmmm” and “Yummm-yummm” because in his eyes food should be enjoyed celebrated and shared. You will know you’re in his inner circle if he offers you his beloved food. When you take his food offering his nose will wrinkle and that big smile will flash across his face! One who will randomly snuggle into the nap of your necking causing women and men to melt right on the spot. He will learn to love cars at a young age and make the cutest car sound while he rolls it across the floor “Bbbbbbbb” his little lips vibrating while he focuses on moving the car around the room. A boy who loves to be on his mama’s hip but is very particular about what his mama can do while holding him. No sitting and holding allowed! He loves his big brother in the BIGGEST way! One who will bring his family more joy than they can image. He will teach his mama new tricks and further bond the Huies as a family. One who will keep his parents on their toes but melt their hearts at the same time. One with the best snuggles and open mouth baby kisses a mama could ask for!


A few phone snaps from Carson’s Birthday weekend:

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SIDE NOTE: I left my DSLR at home anticipating that I would capture some beautiful 1st birthday shots the next day while I was shooting his 1st year photos….UM NOPE! He wasn’t having it not a bit. I was for sure he would perk right up when I brought the cake out…..again NOPE! I haven’t even loaded them to my PC yet but I got tons of head back screaming shots so I’ll be sure to share those gems with you as soon as I can work the nerve up to look through them!

The day I told Kent we were pregnant:
To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

The day I found out were were having another boy:
To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

Some of my favorite Carsie-Bear photos I’ve snapped over the last year wellllll I should say out of the ones I’ve actually edited #behindonlife:

IMG_5213 web


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    • Kendra Huie - Carson sends ya a big kiss and a thank you for the sweet comment!He had a pretty great 1st birthday.ReplyCancel

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