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Caden and His Family – McKinney, Texas Family Photographer

 I was excited to work with this family again! It had been almost a year since the last time I saw them and I was looking forward to getting my hands on their sweet chunky monkey.

 It was cold, our noses were running, cheek were pink, but the light was yummy and the location was stunning! 


THIS is the reason why this is  one of my favorite location! It reminds me of something out of Twilight!
I’m trying to compile my favorite images from last year and this one definitely makes the cut!



Caden was a dream to work with! All I had to do was say his name and he would look right at me with those pretty eyes and flash a big ole smile!



Look at these little stud muffins! Canden’s cousin and aunt met up with us towards the end of the shoot to get in on a few photos.






I was in love with the outfits they picked out! Loved the pop of color and the way it complements their beautiful eyes!



Such a sweet moment…..not staged I promise! 🙂  There were lots of kisses and hugs going on between these two! They were so sweet together.




This was the last shot of the day. We were finished and walking back to our cars when I turned around and saw this! I’m so glad I happened to look over my shoulder. Even though we were done and had plenty of great shots I always have my camera ready to go until I’m in my car and waving goodbye. This is a good example of why I do that. One of my favorite shots from the session and I would have missed it if I had put my camera away.



Look at that face!



One of the images from Caden’s newborn session! Look at how little………… 
To see more from his newborn session click HERE.  



and here he is now still just as sweet and full of personality!







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