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Bump Watch– 19 Weeks & 20 Weeks



IMG_0074-maternity bluenonnets



IMG_0173-Maternity blue bonnets


How Far Along: I was 19 weeks and 6 days when we snapped the photos! I’m currently 20 weeks and 3 days! 1/2 way there baby!

What’s the Baby Up to: Weighing around 11 ounces and measuring 7 1/2 inches I can cup the little guy in the palm of my hand, sooo tiny! I can’t believe I’m feeling kicks and movements from something so little. His taste buds are working and he’s gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid a day.  Little nugget’s hair and nails continue to grow. Can’t wait to see if he has curly hair like his mama.  

Best Moments of the Week:
1. We had our 2nd trimester sonogram and confirmed Mr. Weston is in fact a Mr. I knew he was a dude from the beginning…..just had that feeling! We found out early at 14 weeks so this sonogram was to check on the little guy’s development and confirm the gender our doctor previously told us. Everything looks great! We saw his sweet hands and feet and his big round belly and his cute pee-pee!  I love his sweet little profile and his button nose! My mom went to the sonogram apportionment so she got to see her grandson kicking and moving.  After the sonogram we went to breakfast then hit up the mall for some maternity shopping. All around it was an awesome day. One I will remember for years to come!

2. Things around the house are rocking and rolling! We’re getting rid of our junk and making room for Mr. Weston. I guess it took a baby to finally get our butts in gear. Donated a TON of stuff to Salvation Army and gave away one of our guest beds so we can get started on Weston’s nursery. We also sold Kent’s 2 door Honda so we can get him a 4 door dad car. 

3. Bought Weston’s 1st piece of furniture. I was sooooo excited and got a sweet deal on it! I’ll share a photo below.

4. Road trip to Ennis, TX to check out the bluebonnet trails. The weather was beautiful and Kent and I had a great time taking in the sights and seeing all the pretty bluebonnets. It’s worth the drive! We’re already talking about going back out next year with Weston.

5. Decided on nursery colors and bought his bedding!!!!! This is a pretty big deal. I’m super picky when it comes to décor and I like to do everything on the cheap which adds to the struggle. I’ve been hunting since we found out that we’re pregnant and couldn’t really find exactly what I was picturing until the other day! Someone posted a used crib set on a facebook garage sale group I’m a member of. I love it and would have paid full price had I found it beforehand. What are the odds that you find a crib set that you love and it’s a steal as in almost free. It’s by Land of Nod which is pretty pricey! I’ll include a picture of the bedding below.     

Funny/Odd Things That Happened: I haven’t really had issues with mood swings so far. I’ve been pretty even keel…..until Kendra the Road Rage Witch showed her ugly head. I have no idea who she is or where she came from but I have to really watch out for her. Kent and I were in the car the other day and a guy who was being an impatient meanie honked at me. I flipped out like a mad woman……theeeeeen I cried! Yup big tears rolling down my cheeks. Kent didn’t know how to react and neither did I. It’s been a few days since that happened and he’s still laughing about it. In all our 12 years together he said he’s never seen me get that angry. I shocked myself as well.

Cravings: I’ve been craving bean and cheese burritos. I gave in once after trying to fight it for 2 days and well now I want another one. Some type of Tex-Mex has been on my craving list from the begging. Tacos, chips and salsa, and now bean and cheese burritos none of which I ate pre pregnancy.

Symptoms: I’ve been sleepy lately. I had a photo shoot last Saturday that wore me out.  Nothing out of the norm just a regular family shoot but I was in bed most of Sunday to resting up for my evening Sunday shoot. Naps have been thrown back in to the rotation and when I wake up it’s like I’m waking up from the dead.

Notes to Nugget: We made it! We’re at the 1/2 way mark! In the beginning I felt like the days dragged by but now I blink and another week has passed us. We’re getting closer and closer to meeting you. You sleep most of the day but at 3:00pm like clockwork you start kicking up a storm. You’re a busy guy in there and I have a feeling you’re going to take after my always on the go personality.  We got to see you and all your cuteness at your last appointment. It looks like you’re going to have your Dad’s nose. Grandma and I have trip to Canton Trade Days planed this week. I’m sure we’ll have many family trips to Canton after you’re born but I’m pretty excited about this one. I dreamed of one day going to 1st Monday to shop for my own baby and the day has come! I know Grandma is excited too!

Random Instagram Photos: ( User Name: Kendra_Pryor)


Pretty flowers from a sweet client!



Coffee has made its way back into my daily rotation and Mr. Keurig is acting up.
He’s 5 years old so I don’t blame him! 



Weston consignment store shopping trip! Seriously what’s my deal with Baby Gap. I find something I love, look at the tag and it’s from Gap.



Weston love all the way from California! Receiving gifts for our little guy put a big silly smile on my face. Isn’t this outfit adorable? Seriously though how adorable are these? I’m freaking over the little camera onsie!




Weston Blake’s  1st piece of furniture!
We’re going to use it to store books and toys. I found it at a resale shop in their clearance section for wait for it…….wait for it……… $230! Its solid wood and in perfect condition! I think I got a great deal!



Weston’s crib bedding. Look past the animal quilt didn’t buy that. His bedding is from Land of Nod. It’s their Creatures Big and Small set. The seller we bought from had the crib skirt, 2 sheets, bumper, and a mattress protector all of $30.00!!! I was planning on spending around $250.00 or so on his bedding so I was tickled to get it for $30!  I love the flexibility of the set! I’m doing his room in a vintage theme so this will look great.


My mom and I with my maternity wear loot.



Had lunch with Kent’s buddies at The Boiling Crab. Kent LOVES his food!



Ennis Bluebonnet trails.


It’s been a good week!
If you would like to see more bluebonnet shots please visit my photography blog.Smile




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