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Bump Watch 17 Weeks – Vegas Edition


How far along: We celebrated our 17th week in Vegas!

What’s the baby up to: Um hello bump! So glad you decided to make an appearance! I swear I got on the plane with a mini bump or fat looking tum to those who saw me and didn’t know I’m preggers and woke up with a cute round bump. I think Kent was just as excited as I was! We couldn’t stop staring it and Kent was so cute rubbing on my belly all week!

On to the baby! The little Mr. is the size of my palm and is putting on body fat.  Umm hello preaching to the choir here brother! He’s hair on his head, eyebrows, and eyelashes is filling in!

Best Moment of the week: Oh gosh I feel like I say this every week but I have tons of them this week! I’ll try to keep it quick

1. Feeling the baby kick! Yes the little nugget is kicking up a storm. I love feeling his little hellos from the inside.

2. Eating a chili cheese hotdog from Pink’s on the Vegas strip. Shhhh don’t judge me! It was freaking good and worth every calorie!

3. Seeing Absinthe. It was awesome! If you’re planning a trip to Vegas I highly recommend it!

4. Taking tons of naps and relaxing the day away. No outside distractions, no emails, just downtime and rest. It was heaven!

5. 1st visit to the pool with the bump in tow

6. Spending tons of time with the hubs! I sure love him.

7. Seeing the bump looking all cute in my tops. I used to hide it when it was fluff mess but now that it’s round and big there’s no hiding it and I love seeing it peek through my tops.

8. This has to be my favorite thing from the week!!!! Seeing Kent’s reaction to the bump. He’s become really protective and worries about us (the baby and his baby mama). Holding my hand up and downstairs or while we cross busy streets. Waking up next to him in the morning as he reaches out to pat my belly. Him laying his head on my tummy and talking to Weston. His sweet comments when he thinks I look cute. Such sweet moments. This is a very special time for us and I’m loving every second of it!

Funny/odd things that happened: MMMK so I’m real clumsy even when I’m not sporting a big round belly. Well we were walking around the Forum Shops and I saw a girl who was scantily clad. It Vegas it’s expected but in the middle of the day in a mall? Well it caught my attention as I was walking down some stairs and I started to tumble. Don’t worry Kent saved the day! I only skated down a few stairs before he caught me. I was super embarrassed but when I looked around no one was even watching! I guess if you’re going to fall down the stairs Vegas is the place to do it! You fit right in with all the drunkies!

Clothing: Kent and I went shopping for maternity pants! We looked at Old Navy, H & M, and Gap. Gap was by far my favorite! I bought a pair of their always skinny jeans with the mini band in dark denim and ordered a mint pair from them as well.  Seriously why did I wait so long? Maternity pants are so comfy! Do/did you have a favorite place to shop for maternity jeans?

I can still wear most of my old tops. They just look a little more snug around the tummy. Thank goodness for the boho flowy style that’s in because I have a few tops that should work throughout most of my pregnancy as well my maxi dresses!

Cravings: SMOOTHIES!!!! I was obsessed with them while we were in Vegas!  By the time I had to have one I was usually in my PJs and way too tired to walk down to the mall to get one. They have a Jamba Juice inside the Planet Hollywood mall in case you’re on a smoothie hunt when you’re in Vegas. Seriously I fantasized about them all week. It had to be an orange, pineapple, mango smoothie though! As soon as we got back to Dallas Kent and I hit up out local Jamba Juice. I talked about them so much Kent started craving them too! 

My other craving was healthy food! I tried to make the best choices I could while we were there but we were on a tight budget and the good stuff is expensive! We hit a up a few buffets. I piled my plate with veggies and hoarded apples and oranges in our mini fridge. I could not wait to get home and have better control over what went in my body.

Symptoms: I was crazy tired. I ‘m guessing it’s from the growing bump and all the walking. I also  hit the hotel gym up a few times during our trip so it was the perfect storm for extreme tiredness. Oh and my hips were killing me at night as in hurting so bad I didn’t sleep very well the. Instagram friends all said I need a body pillow so it’s added to the list!

Notes to Nugget: Hi little guy! What a fun week we had sporting you in Vegas! This was your 1st time flying and will probably be the last until after you arrive. I’m so excited to see my tummy grow. It means you’re healthy and growing strong in there. I’m over the moon with your little kicks and nudges! I’m thinking you’re going to be an active boy just like your mama because it seems like you’re awake partying and moving around all day!

We’re getting excited about all the fun stuff coming up: registering for your showers, working on your nursery (I think I have your bedding and room décor all planned out), and taking Grandma to our next sonogram apportionment to see you. It’s all becoming very real!

Random Instgram Pics

Watch the bump grow!
This was 2 days before we left……



and 3 days later BAM a bump!



Headed to the hotel gym in a shirt that pre trip was baggy on me.



Taken during Absinthe which as I said above is awesome!



Taking the bump to the pool



Waiting to see Love



On our way to dinner and Recycled Percussion




Smoothie fix




Weston’s 1st gift from his Grandma!




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