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Bump Update – 28 Weeks

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I’ve yet to take some pull yourself together and take some cute shots of the bump but Kent snapped these during our family walk over the weekend. You can kind of see the bump. I have a couple phone photos I’ll share below as well.


How Far Along:
28 weeks, 3rd trimester baby!


Total Weight Gain:
18lbs. I’ve gained way less than I did with Weston’s pregnancy at this point but I have reallllllllllly been struggling with my weight gain this time around. I’m actually letting it steal some of my pregnancy joy which is driving me nuts. I LOVE being pregnant! I’ve never felt better about my appearance than while I was pregnant with Weston. Getting pregnant while I was still trying to drop weight from Weston’s pregnancy (I gained 50lbs with him and had 25 left to lose) I knew early on that weight gain this time around was going to be mentally challenging and oh boy is it. I almost break out in tears when I have to weigh in at the doctors office. I hate photos of myself  but still take them because it’s not about me it’s about documenting the bump (still don’t love them though). It’s not good y’all and something I’ve really been struggling with. I’m nervous about the next 3 months as I packed on a lot of weight towards the end of my pregnancy with Weston. I also now know how hard it is for me to lose weight post baby. My body does the complete opposite when breastfeeding and holds onto every ounce of fat not matter what I eat or how often I hit the gym. It wasn’t until the 8 month post partum mark that I started losing baby weight the 1st time so I’m fearful of the struggle again but this time being heavier than I was the 1st time around.

I do know that I will get it off eventually and I’ve already planned how I want to go about it this time around I’m just not a fan of the weight at this point and am trying so very hard to keep myself from focusing on it too much but sadly it creeps into my mind more often than I would like.

Maternity Clothes:
I really need to go shopping and buy a few things to get me through these next few months. I’ve mainly been wearing leggings and oversized cardigans none of which are maternity. Throw on a pair of boots and an oversized top or maternity tank and I’m set. Walmart has been my BFF this pregnancy. I can easily pop in there with Weston and grab something a couple sizes larger than what I would typically wear.  It covers the belly and I’ve found some really cute things for great prices. They’ve stepped up their game in the clothing department! The belly is getting bigger and the hips are getting wider so It’s time to buy some actual maternity stuff. I think I would be much more comfortable

Miss Anything:
Being able to drink coffee and tea without thinking about it. I have 1 cup of joe a day sometimes ice tea with dinner but I really watch my caffeine intake. That’s not going to change after sweet pea gets here. I still watch it while I’m nursing.

Cravings: Not really. We’ve been eating a lot of berries. I enjoy a good cold crisp salad. Umm coffee…..always coffee but nothing I can really say is a massive craving.

The old back is still an issue but it’s tons better after a couple trips to the chiropractor.  Seriously she worked miracles. I haven’t gone for an adjustment in 2 weeks and I’m starting to feel the pain I felt before come back. Need to make an appointment STAT but it’s not really a place you can take kids especially ones that fall under the “Tornado” category so I’ll have to figure what to do with Weston. Other than the back stuff I feel great!

Body Changes:
My belly button is juuuuuuust about to pop. It’s level with my belly at this point. I’m feeling sweet little hiccups and lots and lots of movement! The last couple of days I’ve noticed that my hips have gotten wider another reason why I need to officially move into full time maternity pants. No stretch marks yet. I didn’t get them with Weston so I’m hoping I’ll be in the clear this time as well. We shall see. 

Worst Moment This Week:
We’ve had a really great week. I can’t think of anything that’s super awful. Weston as was really good this week. Sweet as can be and allowed me to get a few things done in the house while he played alone with his toys. That was something new for us. We stayed busy and had fun. My mom came for a visit.  Kent came home from work earlyish (his early is different than most). I’ll take earlyish when I can get it! Weston let me cook dinner most nights so that was nice. We changed his schedule around as well so he’s not up so stinking late every night which meant I had a little down time in the evenings before I crashed. Again nice. The weather was lovely. All around it was a good week. I have an OB appointment on Tuesday which means I’ll be weighing in. So if I would have typed this up a few days later weighing in would most definitely be the “Worst Moment of the Week”.

Not baby related but I am in the middle of a blog redesign. I received my mock up this week which I really didn’t love. That was a little crummy. I want so badly for this new design to be dripping in awesome sauce. I felt awful pointing out all the things I didn’t like about the design…..awful. I know she put a lot of love and time into which made it hard for me to be honest with her. I’m sure she’s not my biggest fan at the moment. Soooo if I had to pick something I didn’t love about the week I guess I would go with that.

Best Moment This Week:
Finding out that Chickfila is giving away free hot or ice for the month of February, (no purchase necessary). Again not baby related but come on FREE coffee! I’ve been twice and you better believe I didn’t buy anything else to go along with my coffee. I’ve spent a pretty penny on their salads and wraps. I do not in the slightest feel bad about rolling up for my free yummy! Kent watch Weston Saturday morning while I picked up a coffee and took a little drive. It was lovely and free coffee just made my mommy time that much sweeter.

Just a little tip: I’ve only tried the iced original which I really liked. Their new coffee has a great flavor. The drink itself is a little on sweet side so you can order it without the sweetener and add your own if that’s not really your thing. I would try it how it comes once before you decide because it’s not crazy sweet like some coffee drinks can be.

Looking Forward To:
Looking forward to getting a few things done in the nursery. We have several pieces of his room just hanging around the house taunting me (his crib is still in the box, his bedding is still packaged, the glider should be here this week, I’ve ordered an amazing lamp that should also arrive this week, as well as a few things off Etsy)  but we haven’t have to time to put things together so I’m really excited to start working on everything.

Not baby related (are all these supposed to be centered around the new baby if so I’m not doing so hot with this). I have a really fun week planned for Weston and I. It’s Valentine’s week and I’ve planned some fun Valentine’s themed crafts, activities, and outgoings. I’m super excited!

On My Mind:
Kent and I have toyed with the idea of changing Carson’s name. I know crazy huh?Kent picked his name, Carson Nathaniel. I love that it sounds sweet and I think it’s pretty special this his daddy picked it out. We got to talking last week and Kent said that he wasn’t crazy about the name any more. Someone at his work recently had a baby that they named Carson. We’ve come across a couple Carson’s while we’ve been out and about and we totally forgot that our neighbors little girl is named Carson, duh. I like the name. I think it’s a good name but I’ve never really loved that it’s sounds a little like Weston……Weston and Carson but I wasn’t going to make a fuss over it because Kent picked it out and all in all it was a cute name. When Kent told me he didn’t really like the name any more I was a little bummed. I had a couple hiccups about it but pushed them aside because he picked out the name, now he didn’t really like. Well should we change it? Kent said YES! He picked a new name. Another one that’s cute but y’all it’s rated 19 on the boy names list. I am not a fan of popular names for my kids. Carson was in the high 300’s so super unusual but not in the top 20. We’ve been testing out the new name but I’m having a hard time with it. Even though there are a couple of things I don’t like about the name Carson it just feels weird to change his name. He feels like a Carson. Does that sound weird? We’ve yet to meet him and I have no idea what he looks like but Carson fits him.  It made me a little sad to think of him as something else. So it’s still up in the air. I really want Kent to pick this time around so I would love to have a name he’s excited about. Weston was all me and he’s not in love with it as much as I am so I think it’s only fair to let him pick a name for sweet boy #2.

I’m not sure if I’ll share if we decided to change it or just keep it a surprise until he’s born. Knowing me if we do change it I probably wont be able to hold it in for too long.





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