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Brothers Are Sweet & Mama Tries To Not Push

This all came together as a total fluke.

Well I mean I was hoping I would be able to sneak in a few photos of them during our trip to Oklahoma. I even packed a few things I wanted them to wear during the shoot….I mean if it happened….naturally….without me pushing….I’m working on it!

Our beloved pair of faded overalls for Carsie-Bear and Weston’s yellow rain boots. Both make my heart go pitter patter.

I’ve learned to not get my hopes too high when it comes to my boys and my grandiose photographer ideas.

With my clients sure! Totally different ball game but my boys on the other hand are onto my photographer ways and they aren’t having it!

I have to not push and let go of all the ideas.

If it happens, it happens.

It’s those times when I don’t push that I capture my most favorite photos of them.

Our time in Oklahoma had come to an end and my hopes of shooting some photos of the boys didn’t happen……….or at least I didn’t think it was going to happen.

On our way home we grabbed some lunch pulled into a park to have a little picnic and let the boys run for a bit.

As we were eating I noticed some a stone structure off in the distance. As soon we finished lunch I headed over to check it out.
The stone structure was a bridge a beautiful bridge FULL of character and charm and covered in the most yummy light.

I knew the boys would love playing on and it. Hello there were steps and all kinds of danger to get into.

THIS WAS MY CHANCE and it was an even better setting than I had hoped for!

All of our stuff was packed away in the car and I couldn’t find the boys’ comb so I took a tip from Ariel and fixed their hair dinglehopper style.
Ummm Ariel knows her stuff because it totally worked! Not perfect but again I’m trying to ease up with the whole perfection thing.

I was able to find Carson’s overalls and Weston’s boots. I took off the shirt Weston’s was wearing and their ya have it.
Completely impromptu and not perfectly styled but I got the photos of my boys I was hoping for.

Just them being boys!

If you like to listen to music while you peruse photos (I do) click that little play button before you start scrolling. It’s a good song, promise!


The best buddy is a brother.

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I will cherish these photos forever. I just know it!

Carsie-Bear’s chubby cheeks.
The way he looks at Weston.
Weston’s nurturing love for his baby brother.
The way Carson copies everything Weston does.
The yellow rain boots and overalls I love so very much!
Little hands.
Baby wrist rolls.
And two boys that I love more than words.

Pretty special stuff for this mama heart!

Yay for not pushing and letting the right moment come to us! If I had pushed I’m positive these would have looked totally different!

Flash Back shot to a 9 month Weston wearing those very same overalls Carsie-Bear is wearing!


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  • Debbie - Wow! Wow! Wow! Great pictures Kendra!!! You have the most beautiful boys and you are so the best momma!! XoxoReplyCancel

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