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Bloguary is Coming


This is our 3rd year of doing Bloguary!
Each year when I announce that yes indeed we will be doing Bloguary I have mixed emotions about it all.

Excited about the challenge…
nervous as all get out!

Can I do it?
When will I find the time?
What will I blog about?
Will people read or get annoyed with my daily posting?

Same concerns different year!
All of the nerves and excitement are what make it a challenge though, right?

So here we go…….

I’ve set up a blogging schedule.
Written my list of blog/Vlog topics
Kent has been warned about the additional videos and photos that will be taken over the next month.


What is Bloguary:
Bloguary is something I made up a few years back. In a nutshell it means posting more often throughout the month of January. The goal is always to post daily but life aka 2 little cuties that call me mama can get in the way and I miss a post here and there. Over the years as our family has grown my post goal for Bloguary has changed a bit. My goal this year is to post Mon-Fri. I typically have the post up 1st thing in the morning so they will be waiting for you to read or watch (if it’s a vlog) while you have your morning cup of coffee.

What to Expect From Me:
During Bloguary I keep things random because like I said above I try my best to schedule and plan but when it all comes down to it my boys dictate my free time. To keep things a little more flexible I include several different styles of post.

Typical post that you’re used to seeing from me along with day in the life vlogs, hauls or coffee chat vlogs, and even wordless-ish (because y’all know I can’t go 100% wordless) post where I let the pictures do most of the talking. My personal life aka my boys will dictate the type of post you see but just know I’m in the background trying my best to crank out some awesome content for you all month long!

Want to Participate?????????
If you’re a blogger I’d love for you to join me! It doesn’t need to be 5 post a week or even 3. Just pick something you think you can commit to for a month! If you join in let me know (via commit or email) so I can follow along. I may even pick a few post to feature at the end of the month!

Not a blogger but would still like to join in Bloguary? Use your Instagram account as your blog for the week. Post a photo a day and use that as your little place to blog or ummm Instagram. Share a story, share a favorite product, whatever you would blog about if you had a blog use that as your place to share. Be sure to tag me (Kendra_Huie) and use the hashtag #Bloguary so we can find your post. If your account is set to private I will not be able to see your post even if you tag me. I may pick a few photos to share at the end of Bloguary (with your approval of course).

How To Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Post:
Click the little yellow heart in the sidebar to follow via Bloglovin and or enter your email to subscribe via email. I sure hope you’ll follow along!

I’m exited to do this again! I’ll see you back here 1.1.2016





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