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Bloguary Day 8: Date Night

Kent’s mom is heading back to China for a few months and my mom will be out of commission for awhile soooo Kent and I decided to take advantage of his mom’s help while she’s still here……….


We’ve grabbed lunch here and there since nugget was born but haven’t been out on an official date. You know, something that I actually get out of my yoga pants for. Good thing Kent likes me in yoga pants!


We got all fancy and ordered a 4 course meal and everything was delicious

If you live in the DFW area I recommend Mignon. Get the smoked salmon appetizer mmmmm!





We took our time and chatted about random stuff. I love our conversations. It still amazes me that we’ve been together as long as we have (13 years) and have plenty to talk about. Oh boy can this guy make me laugh! I never get tired of spending time with him. Don’t think I ever will.


It was nice to take off the mommy hat and for a few hours and reconnect with my main man. As much as I loved our date night I love spending time with little dude as a family.  Maybe it’s because I’m a new mommy. Not sure if it’s something that goes away as the years go on but I hate being away from my guys. I’m nowhere near that “Mama needs a night out” stage. Nope!


After dinner we headed home and made back it just in time for Weston’s bath time.


Weston’s bathroom has become a new family hang out, dogs and all.


We all pile in every night, play music, talk about the day, and enjoy little man. He LOVES taking baths!

It was good night!





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