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Bloguary Day 6: Things You May Not Know About Me

Not going to lie. I’ve blown through all my pre written post for Bloguary which wasn’t a ton but I had a few finished and pre scheduled to give me time to start working on other post.  Weston was a mess last week. If you follow along on Instagram (Kendra_Huie) you heard all about it! Little buddy needed lots of mommy time so I didn’t have time to take photos and edit for the blog like I hoped. Sooooo I now have several post I’m in the middle of writing but nothing finished.

Enter this little gem……..

I didn’t have anything to post today and I needed to bang something out quickly so we’re going with “Things You May not Know About Me”! Hope this doesn’t come off vain being all me me me me me but this is my blog and all so I’m just going to go for it! 


20130530_181251Found this on my phone. Don’t ask because I have nooooo idea!

I talk in my sleep! Yep it’s weird and it freaks me out. Kent always has a funny story to tell me about something crazy I’ve done while sleeping; hysterically laughing, carrying on a conversation that doesn’t make sense, sitting up and staring into space (freaky). When I was a kid I talked annnnnd walked in my sleep. Oh the stories and random places I would wake up.


Smacking drives me NUTS! Like jump over the table and slap the food or gum out of your mouth kind of nuts. If I come to find out you’re a smacker I will not offer or eat gum in front of you for fear that you may ask for some. I will avoid having meals with you or sit as faaaaaaar away as possible from you if I do need to share a meal with you. My hate towards smacking is something fierce. I’m in a 12 step program to help me cope with it. Unfortunately it’s not working.


I’m sarcastic and can have a dry sense of humor. Just in case you haven’t picked up on that yet. Sometimes people get it. Sometimes people look at me like I’m a freak. This brings me to something that happened last week. I took Weston to the doctor. Poor little pea isn’t feeling his best. As we were leaving the receptionist asked if she could take his picture to update his records. I said…….”Sure but only if you can PhotoShop his big pimple out.” It was big y’all. Oh man she did not find that amusing. I told her I was kidding which for some reason just made things more awkward. Crickets chirping, silence, awkwardness the whole nine yards.


I feel that I was born to be a mother. I’ve always felt that way! It just fits like the prefect pair of shoes for my big ole feet.

I’m a “If you’re going to do it you might as well do it right” kind of gal. I’m coming to learn that that is not a good thing. It keeps me from staring projects and causes a lot of frustration when things don’t pan out the way I’ve planned.


Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel has my dream job! When I see her show I copy what she says to practice…..juuust in case I ever get offered a job as travel host. Kent listens and gives me critiques. We’re weird y’all!



I always, always dread washing my hair. It’s brushing the tangles out that gets to me. You would think I would be use to it by now. Naturally curly hair problems.


When I’m passionate about something it consumes me!


Email is my arch nemesis. I can never keep up no matter how hard I try. Once I work through my inbox I blink and it’s full again. When I get to set an auto responder it feels like I just sat down in the most soothing relaxing bubble bath awwwww. Email is the nature of the beast so I’m trying to embrace it. It’s not working.


I LOVE Boston Cream Pie yummmmmmm! 

This is embarrassing but true. I just recently realized that it’s “Wind Chill” not “Wind Shield”. I tried to make sense of wind shield for years but gave up and just went with it. It wasn’t until last week when I thought the weather man was pronouncing “Wind Shield”  weird (silly guy this is your job. You should be able to say that correctly) and they actually had the words Wind Chill on the screen that I clued in. I told Kent about my new finding. He was not surprised. 

I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. Kent often asks me to stop shaking my leg. I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Long editing sessions are a beater so I take dance party breaks and have a little stepper in my office to help. This is one of the many reasons why I have self diagnosed with ADD.


I slap my thigh when something is really funny! The saying “That’s a knee slapper” is just nuts. Who slaps their knee when they laugh? If I see you laughing and slapping your knee I will in return laugh and slap my thigh and tehn we’ll both just look silly.


Truth: I was eating a Kashi chocolate chip oatmeal cookie while taking a bubble bath last night. I dropped the cookie in the bath and thought……
1. Sweet that saves me some calories
2. Now it’s really like I’m at the spa. People pay top dollar for oatmeal baths and chocolate scrubs.


Annnd I think I should stop there because this is getting out of control. Let me go ahead and apologize for all the typos I’m sure this post is laced with. That’s something else you should know about me by now. I have awful grammar. I suck at spelling, and I’m the typo queen. With all those put together it pretty much looks like I’m speaking my own language most of the time.






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