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Bloguary Day 4: My Favorite YouTube Channels

Do you watch vlogs on YouTube? I sure do! I got hooked while I was pregnant. There’s tons of pregnancy/mommy vloggers out there.  Now I watch my favorite channels while I edit! It’s prefect, just little back ground noise to keep me company while I work. Nothing too crazy or full of drama just positive entertainment.

Here are just a few of my favorite YouTube Channels………


Raising The Barrs – Mommy vlogger. She recently started daily vlogs but has been vlogging for several years. She has 2 adorable kiddos! Her son says the sweetest things that will melt your heart. If you watch her channel be sure to visit her older vlogs! She’s a lot of fun!

In this vlog she redecorates her son’s room.



SacconeJoly’s- Husband and wife vloggers. They have the cutest little girl, a son on the way, and a house full of dogs. If you watch vlogs I’m sure you know who they are. Their channel is very popular. They’re daily vloggers as well and have been vlogging for awhile so they have tons of content on their channel!

One of my favorite vlogs by them! They share the day their daughter was born. After having nugget I can not watch a birth story without crying!



Lora and Layton- Lora is a mommy vlogger with 3 boys. Love Lora’s personality. She’s always happy and upbeat in her vlogs and has a silly side so she’s fun to watch. She’s not a daily vlogger but typically puts out a couple vlogs a week. 

This is a recap of their year so stinking sweet. It made me tear up! It will give you a good feel for what her channel is like.

Do you watch YouTube channels? If so what are your favorite channels? I’m always looking for new ones to follow along with!





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