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Bloguary: Day 3– Christmas Traditions

Weston added a little extra sweetness to our Christmas this year.  It made me think a lot about the traditions I want to start with him and our new family.

Ummmm let’s just pause this post for a second and look at this sweet face and those chubby hands eeeek! His socks are from the set that my mom gave us last year. If you missed that post about the Christmas socks I’ll include a link to it below. There’s a fun story behind them.


Random fact about us: This is our 13th Christmas to celebrate together and the 9th Christmas in our home. Insert cliche comment: Oh how time flies! It’s true though. It really does!

Each year we start our Christmas celebration off with a big breakfast which is something I used to do with my family.


This year was a little different though because we had this cute nugget to cuddle and tend to.

Weston Christmas 2013 collage

Once breakfast is over it’s time to open gifts woooohooo!

Another one of our traditions is Santa Bags! This is something I picked up from my Step-Mother. It’s basically a bag full of random goodies. Kind of like a stocking but with more room. We always open our Santa bags 1st! My Santa bag this year had Luna Bars, Australian liquorish, chapstick, a USB drive, and mint Milano cookies. Kent’s Santa Bag had lots of Trader Joes snacks, pistachios, a head flash light, a thermos, gummy bears, and gummy worms. Even little buddy got a Santa bag this year. Santa got him new books, and a teething toy.

Thing were crazy leading up to Christmas and I was short on time so I wrapped Kent’s gifts the morning of. I felt bad that I didn’t give his gifts a little extra wrapping love so I decided to write little notes of the things I love about him on each gift. It actually turned out really nice. I’m thinking about doing it again next year but maybe writing some of my favorite Kent/family memories from the year. I can keep little section of wrapping paper with the note on it and include it in out Project Life album! Bam a new tradition is born!  IMG_3807ww

Before the opening began.


Annnnnnnd the aftermath. The rest of the day is spent lounging in our PJs. We usually sneak a nap in and just like little kids play with all our new toys!


Leading up to Christmas I thought a lot about traditions and things I want to do with Weston and our growing family. Some of my favorite holiday memoires are centered around family traditions. I’m sure as he grows older things will evolve a little more but this year we started new jam jams and a new Christmas book that we read to him on Christmas Eve along with carrying on our Santa bag  and big Christmas breakfast traditions.

Little clip from Christmas morning.

I would love to know what your holiday traditions are!

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