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Bloguary Day 21: The Day That Changed Everything

One year ago today we found out some pretty exciting news. Kent’s reaction still makes me giggle. Oh my pessimistic hubby. I love him so!  I let this little clip tell ya just what we found out…….


It blows my mind how much our lives have changed since that day. I still really can’t wrap my head around it.  We’re parents….what!?! I have a little baby that’s part Kent and part yours truly……what!?! 


On that very day I one year ago I found out that there was a tiny baby in my tummy. I had no idea if it was a boy or a girl, what he/she would look like, what I would look like as my belly grew or what an amazing journey we were in store for.

I look back at photo from that time when I was newly pregnant and think just how precious it all is. If I could go back and tell that girl, the one you saw a flash of in the clip just what a blessing she is in store for I would talk her ears off for hours.


Here are a few things I would say……….

-Enjoy every second of your pregnancy. It’s amazing and something to be cherished.
-Take a million photos of that belly and don’t be ashamed of the massive amounts of selfes. It’s beautiful!
-Keep a journal; of the handwritten kind. Write about your crazy pregnancy dreams, your cravings, your belly, hopes and dreams for your little one. Who you want to be as a mommy. Anything, everything, write it down!
-Take guilt free naps
-Invest in those who invest in you and say goodbye to those who don’t. This is difficult for you but your priorities are about to change and free time will be hard to come by. 2 fulfilling friendships are better than 20 one sided friendships. It’s time.  
-Just be, relax in the moment. Don’t worry about what’s to come. Stop, look around and breathe it all in.
-Hold onto your mom just a little tighter. Your relationship will strengthen and she will become even more of a blessing to you.
-Cut back on the chocolate chip cookies…..just a tad
-I know you’re busy and tired but continue those workouts all the way to the end. Do what you can do even if it’s just a short walk but keep it up! 
-Reach out and make new mommy friends. It will be them that you want to call after a hard day, week, month. When you just need to vent and an understanding ear to listen. You’ll want to lean on others that have been there or are going through it with ya.  
-Randomly look at your husband and let him know just how much you love and appreciate him. He’s going to take such good care of you in the next few months. It will blow your mind, I promise. Oh and just wait until you see him as a father. I can’t even go there. Just typing this is making me cry. We’ll just leave it at that.
-Get a few pairs of squishy flip flops. They will be all you can wear towards the end of your pregnancy.
-Highlight your hair before the baby comes. Pregnancy will bring on the grey hair and you will not have the time nor want to sit for long hair appointments after little bit get here.
-Reconcile broken family relationships. It never feels like a good time but do it now. Get over “I’m always the bigger person” anger and do just that….be the bigger person.
-Take time for yourself. Read a book, work on your Project Life album, go have a coffee and people watch. Just enjoy the quiet. You will miss it and me time will not feel the same after little bit gets here.
-You will need time to embrace your postpartum body.  Give your self some slack and admire what your body just achieved. It’s given you the ultimate gift and deserves to be appreciated.
-Start gathering clothing you can wear postpartum. Go up 1 or 2 sizes from what you wore before pregnancy. Flowy dresses, cute PJ sets that make you feel pretty, nursing tanks, oversized tops and cardigans. Dressing a postpartum body is not easy so start gathering items you see that may work so you don’t feel so frustrated when you need to get dresses for something.
– Stay on top of those items you want to get crossed off your pre baby list. People will tell you to not worry about getting the house clean or his room finished. That you can do it after the baby gets here. They are right but you will be so much more at ease after the baby arrives if you get that list finished. Bringing the baby home to a freshly cleaned organized house will feel awesome.
-Don’t spend tons of time stressing over your registry. It will work itself out and things will be fine.
-Reach out to other pregnant mamas and bless them as you’ve been blessed. You will be rallied around and show so much love during this journey. Pay it forward to another.
-Get ready because you’re in for a pretty amazing ride. One so amazing you won’t be able to dream it. You will be humbled. You’ll be full of love. You’ll cry tears of joy and gratitude. You’ll grow as a person. You’ll strength bonds. You’ll be happy on a whole new level. And when it comes to an end and your baby is on its way that chapter will end but something even more amazing is in store.


Yep that’s what I would tell her; the girl in the clip that just found out she’s pregnant.






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