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Bloguary Day 2–Thanksgiving in Arkansas

As many post will be during Bloguary this will be a catchup post as Thanksgiving has come and gone but I still wanted to share.

Kent and I head to Arkansas every year during the fall. We rent a log cabin tucked away in the mountains and just veg by the fire. It’s pretty awesome and it’s something I look forward to all year.

This year I didn’t know if we would make it to Arkansas. Little buddy is still, well……little and I wasn’t sure how he would do on an 8 hour road trip. But being the crazy lady I am I decided at the last minute to just go for it. Why not!

It started off a little something like this


At this point I was nervous but Weston sure showed me and was a total angel during our trip. No crying what so ever. We were shocked and I was so happy that we deiced to go after all.  Awww little buddy”s 1st road trip!

We got super lucky and hit the cabin jackpot, our favorite cabin so far! It was beautiful, secluded, amazing views and tucked away in a sweet little town….perfection! I’ll take you on a little tour in the vlog below.


I can’t stand the cuteness of this outfit! I bought this onesie for him when I was just a few weeks preggers. It wasn’t officially confirmed that I was having a boy but I just knew it and my little buddy HAD to have this. Perfect for his 1st trip to the mountains!


Yep this right here is why our annual trip to the Ozarks recharges my soul.

There’s plenty of this going on…….


Lots of this……..


And this year there was even some of this!


He was actually perfect during the trip!

I couldn’t have asked him to be better. Weston is a handful. Freaks out if he’s not being held all hours of the day. Not afraid to let you know when he’s not happy. Not the best at playing by himself. LOVES to be on the go. Don’t you dare try to sit while holding him (I call it the “Weston Workout” plan). You must walk and some times bounce! If you give him your full attention will doing all of the above he’s a happy guy and oh boy when he smiles…….it will melt you!

  I was worried that he would be a pickle. My mom and her boyfriend went with us and I would have felt awful if he fussed the whole time. Kent and I are use to it but I didn’t want to ruin their vacation with a fussy baby. BUT again he sure showed me! Kent and I were so proud of him! Hardly any fussing the whole trip and plenty of smiles. He was a happy boy. Looks like we may have another road trip lover in the family!


Little tour of the cabin







Isn’t my mama pretty!



This is Brady in Arkansas last year. Awwww look at him so wittle.


Now look at him! All grown up. Still just as crazy but that’s why I love him so.


Another great trip to the mountains.

I say this all the time……..
The beach is awesome but I would take this over the beach any day and you don’t have to wear a swimsuit to visit the mountains so that’s a plus.

Next  road trip is Colorado in the Summer eeeekkk!

Ramblings on Thanksgiving morning.


The inside of the Cabin and heading back home!


Randomness while we’re heading home.




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