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Bloguary Day 16: Our Family Photos

Weston was right at 3 months when we took these. Our 1st attempt was a huge fail…..HUGE! So I called in reinforcements aka nana to help with stinkpot. She doesn’t live close so it was so nice of her to drive all the way out to help! She totally saved us! Thanks mom!

I was pretty happy with our second attempt.

Awww our 1st family photos!


I’ve been taking photos for my clients for years. I’ve always know just how special it is to capture those moments but now that I have a family of my own I understand that on a whole new level.


My favorite! I love those sweet cheeks!

IMG_2840 edit

IMG_2816 edit


Kent is so awesome about taking photos. I love him for that!



After our photos are over I usually change outfits and snap a few headshots to use for business and social media type stuff but yeah that wasn’t happening this year. Weston hung in for the family photos then was done! I don’t blame him.  My mom took Weston to the car and we snapped a couple on our way out of the park. Got to document my post baby body ya know! That way when I get back to pre baby weight I can remember to not get so carried away with the treats the next time around. Oh yes and there will be more babies!


Little tip: No matter how silly you feel ask your photographer to take a few solo shots of you at your next family session. Your kids will cherish them when they’re older and so will you. I offer to do this for my clients. Sometimes it takes a little coaxing but they are always happy to have them afterwards! It’s okay to get in front of the camera sometimes!

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